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Can CBD Dog Treats Help to Ease Your Dog’s Ageing-Related Issues?

>> Jun 19, 2018

Pet owners are always buying treats for their fur babies to keep them happy. However, as the pets age, it will take a lot more than treats and tummy rubs to keep them in good spirits. It is not easy to watch your once happy and active fur friend age as it most often comes with pain and discomfort.
Well, there isn’t much you can do about the ageing; it is inevitable. However, you can help ease the pain and discomfort that is associated with the ageing process. The big question is… how?

Let’s journey back to the issue of treats. You can replace the usual dog treats with CBD dog treats which are fortified with extracts from the hemp plant. There is a lot you can learn from sites such as honestpawsCBD dog treats and other CBD sites.

CBD Dog Treats and Biscuits
Scientists have for a long time known about a compound in the hemp plant known as cannabidiol. It is mostly referred to by the abbreviation CBD. Cannabidiol or CBD is highly rated for its ability to ease chronic pain caused by chronic illnesses such as cancer, as well as resolving issues related to mental health. CBD helps dogs with a variety of issues like:
·         Separation anxiety
·         Joint and hip pain
·         Arthritis

These issues are mostly linked to old age and stress. Many dog treats are not made with ingredients that would be of benefit to the dog in the long run. They often use cheap fillers and ingredients, not forgetting preservatives that may be more injurious than beneficial in the long run.

Benefits of Cannabidiol
Experts list the following as benefits of the cannabidiol compound for your dog:
·         Anti-inflammatory
·         Anticonvulsant
·         Antioxidant
·         Antiemetic
·         Anxiolytic
·         Antipsychotic

CBD is therefore the perfect compound forthe treatment of conditions such as:
·         Neuroinflammation
·         Epilepsy
·         Oxidative injury
·         Nausea and vomiting
·         Anxiety
·         Schizophrenia
As such, it would seem that dog treats and biscuits fortified with cannabidiol are the perfect fit for your ageing dog. Nothing pains a pet parent as much as reading pain in your dog's eyes, and not being in a position to ease it. Moreover, a hitherto boisterous and happy dog reduced to just lying around and sighing sadly is heartbreaking.

If there are no life-threatening ailments that require the veterinarian’s attention, maybe changing up the dog treats would work to ease your dog’s discomfort. You may not be able to access the CBD dog treats from your usual outlet if the marijuana laws in your area are stringent; but it would not hurt to ask. Your supplier may know where you can access the treats, or advise you to talk to your dog’s vet about it.

It is highly unlikely that CBD fortified treats will make your dog high, but you should explore sites like honestpaws CBD treats and others that highlight CBD issues to be better informed about how your beloved mutt is likely to react to it.

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