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Enjoy a long and healthy life by treating cardiovascular disease with CBD oil

>> Jun 4, 2018

Cannabidiol popularly known as CBD has immense potential in medical applications for curing a variety of ailments. The term medical marijuana is now widely accepted, as people have understood the medical benefits of cannabis.  CBD oil is a member of the cannabis family and often referred to as cannabis although it is entirely different from the illegal pleasure deriving cannabis capable of giving a ‘high.'  Cardiovascular disease tops the chart of diseases that doctors can treat with CBD. It is also effective for treating other serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, bone diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis and even brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.  

Cardiovascular disease is a broad term used for several conditions related to the circulatory system and the heart. Several studies have shown that cannabis can effectively lower blood pressure, which ultimately helps to evade the threats of stroke and heart attacks.  CBD dilates arteries and improves the blood flow that results in lowering blood pressure. This is the reason why CBD, in the form of oil, capsules or extracts when used regularly can act as a preventive agent that reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

The menace of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is more common than cancer and is a significant threat because one-third of the population in the US dies from it every year as revealed by the National Center for Health Statistics.  More people die from heart ailments than from cancer across the world.  To prevent deaths from cardiovascular diseases, it is essential to gain knowledge for the proper understanding of the disease, especially for people who have a family history of cardiac problems.  Making changes in lifestyle and choosing the right treatment based on herbal remedies available from cannabis or CBD can go a long way in ensuring a healthy and long life.

Atherosclerosis – the most common heart ailment

The term cardiovascular disease is like an umbrella that includes many different types of heart ailments among which atherosclerosis is the most prevalent.  The term atherosclerosis refers to some heart conditions, which manifests in the form of plaque build-up on the inner walls of arteries that tend to choke arteries and hinder blood flow to the heart.  Heart valve problems, arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat and hypertension, are other heart diseases that can cause heart failure.  When the heart cannot pump blood efficiently, it can lead to heart failure. When the valves of the heart do not function properly during opening and closing, it could make the blood flow in the wrong direction. Hypertension is high blood pressure caused by the blood creating too much pressure on the wall of the arteries.  

Restricted blood flow or complete blockage of arteries that prevent blood flow leads to heart attack. When the same happens to the brain, it results in a stroke.  In this article, we will highlight how cannabis or CBD is useful for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

CBD is an herbal and natural cure for cardiovascular diseases

CBD is now at the center of all discussions related to alternative treatment methods for cardiovascular diseases. Several studies including some clinical trials have shown that CBD is highly useful for some cardiovascular problems. The effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases finds mention in a report published by the National Institute of Health.  The report clearly states that CBD has several positive effects on people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory agent, and this aspect is highly useful for the treatment of atherosclerosis and other heart diseases that are associated with inflammation.  Regular use of CBD reduces inflammation and provides relief to people suffering from heart diseases.  Besides controlling inflammation, CBD is also effective in addressing other issues that weaken the heart; especially it can counter plaque building effectively on the walls of arteries that restrict blood flow to the heart.

CBD improves blood flow and does many more good

Arterial plaque is one of the primary reasons for atherosclerosis. Plaques are deposits on the inner walls of arteries that restrict the passage through which blood flows to and from the heart.  As the plaque building continues, the heart receives less and less blood and can ultimately result in heart failure.  CBD can prevent the buildup of plaque thereby ensuring smooth blood flow that results in improved blood pressure and eases the condition of the heart. This helps to avert any heart problems that can lead to death. A great guide on laws about CBD is at http://www.cbdoilcanadahq.ca/cbd-legal-history/ which has tons of info on it.

Besides preventing plaque from accumulating on the walls of arteries, CBD has many other benefits that provide relief to those suffering from heart ailments. CBD is very rich in antioxidants, can act as an immune modulator and reduce inflammation, often related to heart diseases. Also, CBD is capable of activating the CB2 receptors of the body thereby reducing a number of endothelial related issues that could be dangerous for heart disease.

CBD provides cardio as well as neuroprotection

Heart diseases not only relate to the heart but its effects are visible in the neurological system of the body, too. In the event of heart attacks and stroke, CBD is capable of preventing cell damages in the brain and offer protection to the neurological system. In one study, it became clear that low doses of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) administered continuously at intervals of 2 hours, 48 hours or 3 weeks at a stretch before heart attack reduced the size of infarct thereby causing less damage.  Some other studies showed that cannabis reduces mortality rate as well as the shock that follows a heart attack.  Vasodilation by cannabinoids is evident in various studies, and there should be no doubt about CBD helping to normalize blood pressure thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.

Do not expect CBD to cure cardiovascular diseases but it helps to mitigate the risks of heart attacks and stroke, which is indeed a great benefit.

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