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Teachergive Sale 2023

Summer Tips for the Working Mom

>> Jun 27, 2018

School’s out for summer! Summer break is so exciting for the kids, which is exciting for moms too. But for working moms, it can be overwhelming to have the kids at home all the time. Here are some tips for ways to keep your kids busy as a working mom this summer:

Find a summer camp
Whether you work in an office or at home, kids at home all the time unsupervised isn’t going to work. See if there are any local summer camps where your kids can hang out and socialize while you’re at work. Ask any stay at home moms in your neighborhood if they’d be willing to watch your kids during the day. Your kids will have a blast hanging out with kids their age while you’re away at work.

Meal prep

Meal prepping isn’t always just for keeping your lunches healthy. Prepping meals for your family on a Sunday means you’ll have lunches and dinners ready to go. Instead of stressing about cooking every day, it will be one last thing you have to worry about. Try some of these family meal prep ideas to make your life easier during the workweek.

Get home early

When your kids are home more, you’re going to feel guilty being away from them all day. See if you’re able to adjust your work schedule in any way to get home earlier on a weekday. Even if you can leave an hour early one day, that increases the time you spend as a family. Your kids will appreciate the extra minutes they get with you.

Have a movie night

When you get done working at the end of a long day, do something to relax as a family. An easy way to keep everyone occupied at night is an old fashioned movie night. Check out some of these summer movies your kids will love to keep everybody happy. Grab some snacks, hit the couch, and enjoy a relaxing movie night at home with your kids.

Be prepared

Working moms are busy, so they don’t always have time to think on the spot. Make sure you’re prepared for whatever your kids throw at you. Keep a ‘mom bag’ filled with snacks, Band-Aids, and toys with you at all times. You won’t feel as mind boggled if you always have what you might need for you and your family.

Get active

With how busy working moms are, the last priority is probably getting some exercise. Spend the time you have after work with your kids by getting active together. Go for a walk around the block, take a swim in a pool, or play catch in the backyard. The whole family will get exercise while getting to bond at the same time!

Being a working mom can be hard when you have kids to take care of after a day’s work. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, but there are so many tricks and tips to help you get by. No matter what, enjoy the extra time your kids will be home, because the school year will be back soon. Any working moms out there have more tips for how to survive this summer break with their kids?

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