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5 Reasons Why You Must Drink Green Juice

>> Jun 27, 2018

I'm sure many of you are wondering about what you can do to detox your body. There are a ton of detoxes that involve a lot of juicing and natural fruits and vegetables. And while they are quite beneficial, what exactly can they do to make your mind and body healthy?

Green juice has been all the rage lately, known as rockstar in the health world. With a huge serving of super foods, fruits, and vegetables, this drink is now becoming popular and more versatile. But why, exactly?
Read on as I show you five reasons why you must drink green juice!
Wondering why green juice is becoming increasingly popular? Here are its health benefits!

1.   Alkalize Your Body and Tons of Nutrients
While you might think your multivitamins got you covered, they actually contain harsh chemicals and aren't absorbed into your body as well. But with green juices, you have the all-natural ingredients that contain vitamins and minerals in bioavailable form. That means your body will absorb the nutrients easily and get more out of it.

Furthermore, the vegetables that make up your green juice can alkalize your body, keeping it at the ideal pH range. This reduces the risk of your body becoming acidic, preventing weak bones, fatigue, and digestive problems.

Consuming a lot of green vegetables maintains your alkalinity, so just a glass of green juice every day will help you get your fix of much-needed vitamins and minerals!

2.   Energy for the Whole Day
I'm sure that the first thing you grab when feeling groggy or sleepy is coffee. Or, you go for an energy drink!

Sure, tea and coffee are healthy when you drink it in moderation. However, they aren't the main remedy for energy!

One of the reasons why you lack energy is because of your lack in key vitamins and minerals. When your body lacks these nutrients, it will leave you feeling tired all the time. What's the real remedy here? Green juices! They will be able to give you an instant energy boost compared to caffeine, which just leaves with that crash in the end.

3.   Can Delay Aging
This should be a well-known benefit of green juices! After all, consuming fruits and vegetables will have you feel AND look better. How?

Antioxidants, of course! Antioxidants protect your body and prevent it from getting oxidative damage, which results in physical aging. Oxidative damage may also cause the development of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other serious diseases.

So what can you do to prevent that? By getting a huge share of antioxidants from your green juices. With multiple servings of super foods that contain tons of nutrients, you boost your antioxidant intake. As a result, you don't age quickly and reduce the risk of various diseases.

4.   Enhance Detoxification
Regardless of how careful we may be in taking care of our skins, our bodies are always exposed to toxins. You can find them in drinking water, the air we breathe, or even our food!

These toxins would put a strain to our livers. To help reduce that strain and keep a healthy liver, green juices will help!

Studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables such as spinach and broccoli can improve liver detoxification, making it more efficient in getting toxins out of the body.

With just one glass of green juice a day, your liver will be able to fight off the toxins consumed.

5.   Better Immune System and Improve Gut Health
Last but to the least, green juice can help support healthy immune systems because of all the nutrients it contains. That way, you are less susceptible of common colds and sicknesses, all the while protecting your body from anything that can harm you.

Also, green juice can help improve your gut health. It isn't use going to help with your digestion but with your mood as well. Through better gut health thanks to the digestive enzymes and probiotics in green juice, you help alleviate symptoms of depression. So you won't only delay aging and have a healthier body, but you also feel happier!

Wrapping It Up
And there you have it! Through drinking green juice, you'll be able to reap a ton of benefits that will have you feel amazing inside and out. As long as you also follow a healthy diet and keep with an exercise routine, then you're well on your way to better fitness today.

I hope that this article on why green juice is good for you encouraged you to start juicing the right way. So don't wait any longer and check out this Organifi green juice review to see what juices work best for you now!

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences on green juices, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think!

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