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Love Loud Music? Wear Earplugs to Avoid Hearing Loss

>> Jun 21, 2018

All the people who have been to a rock concert know how ears feel a ringing and dulled feeling the next day. This is also the case with many other concerts where people are exposed to loud music. However, studies have proven that there are plugs that are developed to help prevent hearing loss. The experiments were done on people attending concerts and it was determined that there was a difference between the people who had the plugs and who do not have the plugs.

Prevent hearing loss with earplugs
Many experts have discovered that hearing loss may occur as a result of listening to loud of music up to 100dB for a period of 15 minutes and more. At this point, the exposed person is at a risk of permanent damage to their hearing ability. Most of the rock concerts have an average of 100-110dB.
It is difficult to get people to wear ear plugs at concerts. However, studies have proven that this is the only shot to help prevent permanent hearing problems.

The number of people playing mp3 players has increased and so has the loudness of sporting activities and movies. There is need for use of the ear plugs to prevent a pandemic that may occur as a result of the loud music.

Statistics have proven that the number of hearing problems since the year 1988 has increased by around 31%. A study was also carried out with 51 people, with an average of 27 years, who attended a festival lasting for about 4hours. Half of the people were selected randomly to wear the earplugs and the other half did not wear the earplugs. When the concert was over, 42% of the people who did not wear earplugs were diagnosed with temporary hearing loss.

On the other hand, only 8% of the people wearing the earplugs were diagnosed with the same problem. Tinnitus, also referred to as ringing in the ears, was at 40% for the people who did not wear the earplugs. Tinnitus was at only 12% for the people who had the earplugs during the festival.

These studies went a long way to demonstrate how effective the earplugs are effective in preventing hearing loss. Campaigns should be held to sensitize people on the need for earplugs when they are attending concerts or other events where there will be loud music like concert and even guitar lessons.

Many of the people who are prone to hearing problems today are mainly the youth. This is because they have a tendency to attend concerts and festivals more times that the older generation. There has always been speculation that loud music could lead to hearing loss. However, it was not until recently that this theory was tested and proven to be true.

The only thing that can help prevent hearing loss permanently is the use of ear plugs. However, it may be difficult to convince people to wear these ear plugs when attending concerts and events where there will be loud music. These ear plugs can also be used when attending guitar lessons. However, more effort should be put to sensitize people on the importance of ear plugs to help prevent hearing loss. This is because they are the only solution to prevent hearing loss so far.

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