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Teachergive Sale 2023

Tips for Moving with Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

>> Jun 14, 2018

Funko took the world of collectibles by storm after releasing its first line of figures in the early 2000s. Officially called Pop Vinyl Figures and unofficially known by fans as Pops, these figures let you collect versions of all your favorite characters from video games, books, television shows and films. No matter how big your collection is, you can benefit from some simple tips when moving with those figures.
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Use Extra Materials

Though these figures come in cardboard boxes with plastic inserts, those materials aren't strong enough to protect the figures during a longer or shorter move. You'll want to use extra materials to protect each one. You might be lucky and find the boxes that Funko uses to ship those boxes to stores, but you can also use boxes with liners inside. When you use packing peanuts and wrapping, you can wrap each box before placing them inside your moving boxes.

Label Boxes

After you finish filling a box, use a permanent marker to clearly label the contents inside. This makes it easier to pack your moving truck and keep track of your collectibles. If you fill those boxes without marking them, you risk placing heavier objects and boxes on top. That extra weight can cause serious damage to both your vinyl figures and their boxes, which will reduce the value of your collection.

Get Help

While you can do all the packing yourself, you can also get help from professional movers. With packing and crating companies New Jersey residents like yourself can save on the worries usually associated with moving. The movers can pack up all the Pop Vinyls in your collection and keep that collection safe until you get to your new home. They can also offer assistance with any other expensive or valuable items that you own, including musical instruments and movie memorabilia. They can also crate your items and store those crates for a few weeks or more. When you use extra materials and carefully label your boxes, you can move your Funko collection without damaging a single figure.

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