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Over tourism and the big chill: travel trends in 2018

>> Jun 11, 2018

As we know, the word tourism is commonly referred as leisure time activity primarily based upon sightseeing and the human urge to see new places. Those who travel to quench their thirst to visit new places are generally termed as tourists. According to a tourist, there are many reasons to travel. Some travel to study about the culture, history of the particular city or a country. Some people travel to visit their relatives and their friends. Anyways, the reason is not the matter in tourism sector. According to a country, tourism is an important sector because it improves and accelerates economic development. The tourism sector helps to improve income by creating more job opportunities. Sometimes there is a possibility of over tourism in a particular place. Over tourism refers the increase in the number of tourist in a particular city or country. Over tourism in a particular place like wild life sanctuaries, national parks, forest will affect the flora and fauna of that place. In recent years, studies show that there is the increase in the number of tourist in the places like Amsterdam, Venice, Iceland etc. There are many reasons for over tourism including cheap air fare, tourism promotion in TV shows etc. It is important to a country to maintain responsible tourism to avoid over tourism which can cause negative impact to the country. Within this scenario, some important travel trends in 2018 are noteworthy and sharable, and the same are mentioned under.

Fitness trip:
Health is the one of the main reason for people to travel across the world. Fitness trip is a new trend in the field of tourism. It is an active travel cycling, rafting, sailing etc. Fitness trip generally provide wellness through physical and spiritual activities. It is similar to the adventure tourism which provides trucking, kayaking etc. The fitness trip also provides the quality of production in tourist.

Solo travel $ women travel:
Now womenfolk are getting actively involved in travelling, and their preference to travel is unlimited. The practice of travel is more visible in their habits and they use to travel with their peer groups. Making time to enjoy with peer groups is a great thing. The family members can also join with them and can make it as a memorable trip. So the solo travel is a leading trend in tourism sector. To be specific, solo travel helps one to undertake the effort of traveling on one’s own. Some people who like to enjoy the pleasure of traveling without seeking help from others prefer solo traveling. On the other side, ‘women travel’ refers to the feminine effort to conduct travels without seeking help from men.

Cultural trip:
The best way to understand a culture in a particular place or country is to organize a culture trip. It generally provides information about the place, their culture, like food and dressing pattern etc. The cultural trip also provides dish preparation session, market visit to understand about the seasonal foods etc. The cultural trip is generally related with a study tour to understand about the culture and lifestyle in a particular place. Top spots include Fiji, Spain, Israel, Bhutan etc.

Adventure tourism:
Adventure tour is totally different from other tours, because it needs physical activity more than other methods of travelling. Adventure tour will be a wonderful experience other than any other tour. It generally connects people with new landscapes including physical activity at the same time. Adventure tour is an exposure to the nature world. The adventure tourism activity includes day hiking, back packing, zip lining, climbing, rafting etc. Top spot which is suitable for adventure tour includes Tibet, mountaineering in Himalayas etc. It is evident that adventure tourism is one among the most important tourism trends in 2018 because it is the proper blend of the basic elements of adventure and tourism.

Polar desert tourism:
Visiting polar zones will be the record hike in the tourism sector in coming years. Because travelers choose polar zones for many reasons including variation in climate change. The visit to polar zones is popular and dream like situation because most people don’t have access to the poles because it is extreme difficult to reach. But it is too adventures for normal people because the variation in temperature will affect the body in a negative manner.

Medical tourism:
People who plan for a medical tour have specific reason. It is generally planned for medical treatment. Still, tourism is an added advantage for medical tourism because medical treatment is the primary concern within the context of medical tourism. Nowadays, people travel from developed countries to developing countries for medical attention in a lower price. The reason will also include unavailability of medical service in home country. In short, over tourism affects the scenic beauty of famous tourist places, but there are several remedial measures to deal with the same, and new trends related to travel and tourism in 2018 prove that more people get involved in traveling in search of new places. 
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