Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Why You Should Buy or Rent from a Car Dealer, Never from a Friend or Stranger

>> Jun 14, 2018

Sure, you love your friends, and they probably have the best of intentions, but you should never, ever buy a car from them. Less so from strangers. You know, the ones offering their automobiles up on online ads and social media yard sales. Why should you avoid this car-buying route? Read on for a few compelling reasons to only buy from a car dealer, never from a friend or stranger.

Car Dealers are Obligated, Under Law, to Sell an Honest Product

Car dealers have regulations and restrictions in place to prevent the negative impact of selling a lemon to customers. Sure, there are a few car dealers in your city that are less than reputable, but those places are probably unlicensed, or have found loopholes. Go for reliable, with positive reviews, excellent feedback, and a well-established brand. These brands are the kinds of sellers that will give you an honest product, under law and obligation. The same laws apply to rentals, like cash car rentals Orange County CA for example.
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Strangers, and Even Friends, are More Likely to Sell You a Lemon

As mentioned above, your friends likely have the best intentions, but they may not have the required knowledge to know whether they are selling you a good car or a lemon. The most common cause of someone selling their car is to buy a new one, and that’s usually because they are having problems with the old one. Ergo, this is the highest ranked reason why you should absolutely, at all costs avoid buying a car from a stranger too. You don’t know them, and they could have the worst of intentions behind the friendliest smile.

Car Dealers Commonly Have Their Own On-Site Mechanics for Automotive Once-Overs Before You Buy

Most well-established, well-known car dealerships bolster good business with their own automotive shop, attached to the side of the dealership. Their on-site mechanics are certified and well-trained, so you know that they can take care of any problems that a car has before you ever leave the lot. As a matter of fact, it’s policy in most places for mechanics to check and fix a car, thoroughly, before it is ever available to buy again from the show lot.

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