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Teachergive Sale 2023

3 Easiest Vegetables to Grow for Newbie Gardeners

>> Jun 29, 2018

If you have ever tasted a tomato freshly picked from the vine, then you probably have had the urge to plant your own vegetable garden at some point. There are a lot of easy-to-grow vegetables that are sturdy and versatile enough to be grown just about anywhere. You can use your gardening tools from the Philippines to grow your own vegetable garden, even if you are a first-timer.

Certain plants and vegetables can be the better option for gardening beginners who are trying to grow a successful vegetable garden. While nothing can be considered 100 percent foolproof, here are three of the easiest vegetables to grow for newbie gardeners, no matter your gardening experience or skills.
There is a good reason why tomatoes are a popular vegetable plant to grow. They can yield an amazing crop that can be harvested many times no matter the season. While growing tomatoes do take a bit more patience compared to other vegetables, overall, tomato plants can be very easy to take care of if you know what to look for.

Your tomato plant should probably start its life indoors, four to six weeks before the last frost date because the growing season of tomatoes is much longer than most garden vegetables. Otherwise, your best choice is to purchase the saplings themselves that can be readily planted once any possibility of frost is out of the way.

Even though tomatoes do grow faster in direct sunlight, they are still quite adaptable; they are just going to take a little longer to be ready for harvesting. Your plants will continue to flourish as long as they do get at least a couple hours of sunlight.

Because they are very hardy, carrots are a popular choice of vegetable for new gardeners. Carrots will fair well with unexpected fluctuations in temperature, and they are also one of the best vegetables when it comes to disease and pest resistance.

The location the carrot plants are going to be planted in your garden depends on your preferred time frame for harvesting your crops. While carrots can grow well in both partial shade and full sunlight, they are going to mature a lot faster in a garden that is more exposed to light.

Lettuce, like most salad greens, is extremely easy to grow and does not need a lot of effort to do so. Leafy greens like lettuce are the perfect choice for gardens that are shadier. Even so, you probably should not forget that certain types of lettuce such as head lettuce can be a little fussy once exposed to too much heat.

Leaf lettuce is the best for newbie gardeners because it is not quite as sensitive to heat. In addition to all of those benefits, leaf lettuce can also be harvested earlier if you stick to just picking the outer leaves. If the center leaves are still intact, the lettuce will continuously produce a harvest.

Key Takeaway

Any gardener would probably tell you that the enjoyment that gardening brings them is not only because it gets them outside, but also because it can be very relaxing. Sadly, a lot of people do not get the opportunity to enjoy a garden because new gardeners are often discouraged by their lack of knowledge.

Now is the perfect time in the Philippines to get your gardening tools and start stretching that green thumb. Don't be afraid to experiment and find out what can grow best in your garden.

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