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How to Choose the Right Briefs For Your Body Shape

>> Jun 24, 2018

Briefs aren't usually the exciting clothing that we shop for, but boy/girl, are you in trouble when you pick a wrong one for you? None of us wants to sense their underwear rolling, pinching, sagging or rising up all the daylong because that means you're stuck tugging at them. Usually, people find it difficult to find comfortable underwear for them but finding comfortable underwear isn’t difficult once you know how to choose a good fabric how to get a perfect fit. Finding  plus size underwear is a bit difficult. Be it shopping for men or women, proper knowledge of one's body type helps because there are particular styles out there in the market that can be more comfortable than others that depend on how you're shaped.
Here are pro points that will answer the question,’ “How to choose the right briefs for your body shape?”

1.   Getting the right fit: The first and the foremost step are to measure your waist and hips. By doing this you'll be able to know the size of your underwear across various brands if you know your measurements correctly. One must double check the measurements going on for a hunt to buy good fit underwear. Another point is that the elastics used in underwear are not always the same. One has to choose underwear with a firm elastic as none of us wants to be pulling their underwear all day long to keep it from slipping. While firm elastic is helpful, one must avoid styles with elasticized leg holes. They possess a tendency to bunch up. The last catch under this point is, one mustn’t choose underwear that is tight. Very tight underwear’s lead to skin irritation. A tight brief also leaves marks on your skin. One must check for tucking, rolling and drooping.

2.   Picking the right fabric: Always try to choose a cotton fabric. Cotton is the King when it comes to comfortable underwear. It makes underwear’s breathable which means that the fabric won’t trap the moisture so your briefs won’t get sweaty. So, one has not to worry about infections. If looking for a slimmer fit, go with synthetic fabric. While cotton gives comfort due to its breathability but it doesn’t look smooth under items of clothing. While opting for synthetic fabric, make sure that the crotch is of cotton fabric to ensure that you’re comfortable. Another pro catch is to save the silk underwear only for special occasions.

3.   Selecting the best underwear for you: To be comfortable all day long, choose a bikini brief. A bikini brief is a classic option when it comes to underwear styles as it has the lower waistline and moderate coverage which makes it a comfortable option for most body types. Another point being is that one must opt for high-waisted briefs if one has a large belly. Some people carry heavy weight at their stomach, lower waistband underpants will be uncomfortable as they increase the chances of bunching and rolling. One must choose a high-waisted brief style which covers the belly part so you don’t have to keep pulling up your knickers all day long. One should consider high-wasted briefs if one has an hourglass figure.

One must always go for a thong if the slimmer fitting is your first preference. Well, to keep in mind that there is nothing more annoying than tugging at your underwear to save it from bunching under your skinny tight jeans and other tight fitted bottoms. It’s been noticed that thongs are comfortable for many and uncomfortable for few. So, one must try a pair of thongs out at their homes before committing to wearing them out of their house for all day. It might sound strange that if one has a large backside, then they can grab boy short underwear. Though for a pear shape body where a large weight of fat is carried in the lower body, the boy short underwear provides plenty of coverage for a large butt. Opting a seamless pair is ideal because then you won’t have to worry about showing under your clothing.

Undergarments, especially briefs/underwear must be chosen wisely. Taking in care of all the points or areas that provide you comfort and away from bacterial injections. The pubic region produces a lot of sweating which leads to bacterial infections. Infection on sensitive parts can lead to major serious complications but choosing a right fabric keeping in mind their pros and cons will shield you from serious problems. In short, chose a underwear according to occasion keeping in mind the duration you have to keep them wearing. Feeling comfortable all the time it must, so Happy Shopping!

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