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Things to buy when having a new baby

>> Jun 3, 2018

Newborns look and feel fragile and they bring a lot of uncertainties and responsibilities with them. Parenting does not come with a manual and it’s very obvious to feel an extra level of consciousness when it comes over to handling and care for newborns. Newborns need extra attention and care and it seems that babies need heaps of extra stuff. There is a huge amount of the toddler merchandise to choose from and parents unknowingly buy some products immediately that are not even required for the baby at that specific time. However there are some special requirements for every season of the baby especially in clothing accessories. These are:

  • Summer essentials

1.   Sunshade for the car or prams
2.   Muslin cloth
3.   Summer hat
4.   Sunblock

  • Winter essentials

1.   Baby quilt
2.   Flannel sheets and blankets
3.   Full sleeve vests
4.   Thermal wears
5.   Sweater or cardigans
6.   Woolen caps and socks

  • Monsoon essentials

1.   Cotton jackets
2.   Short sleeve baby vests
3.   Insect repellants
4.   Prickly heat powders

Therefore it is important to keep the necessities in mind while purchasing the baby care products.

  • Clothing: - A right kind of clothing which suits the skin of the baby is very essential. Clothes of the newborn must be comfortable and cotton based. Always buy soft fabrics and avoid glitter and heavy embellishments. Considering weather conditions following items can be purchased.

  1. Sleepsuits: - These sleepsuits are designed for easy changing and dressing of the baby.
  2. Tops: - dressing a newborn is a tricky task. Avoid the tops with frilly accessories and ribbons.
  3. Socks and caps: - These are essential to keep the baby warm when the temperature drops or when the baby is outside.
  4.  Swaddle clothes: - wrap around swaddle clothes are necessary to keep the baby warm and safe.

  • Basic accessories - From crib mattresses and bedding to baby change baskets, everything is essential for handling and taking care of babies. A crib mattress should be cozy enough to ensure a good sleep for the baby. These baskets are cozy and light-weight and help in keeping the baby close to the mother. They are also perfect for travel as they are easy to carry anywhere. These baskets are handwoven in some countries using natural materials. Apart from these some other basic accessories which are required for the baby are cozy little bedding, water-resistant mattress, table for changing diapers, dressers or baskets for storage of clothes, rocking chair, laundry bag, toy bins etc.

  • Bathing and cleaning - For the first couple of times babies just need a wipe using cotton or sponge. Later when the baby grows old he/she can have some fun splashes in the water. These moments are very special for the mother to make bonds with the baby. However, bathing requires some accessories which are to be fulfilled are Bathtubs, towels, shampoos and soaps, body lotions and creams, massage and hair oil etc.

  • Diapering - Soon after the baby stops eating there is a need to change the diaper of the baby. This accessory tops in the list of baby product essentials. Choosing the right kind of diaper is very essential for the baby whether it is a disposable or cloth diaper. Along with diapers diapering also needs some supplement items such as rash creams, wet wipes and changing mats.

  • Baby travel gears - Whenever going outdoors with the baby there is a need of a complete set of accessories for the safety of the baby. A few of these travel accessories are car seats, baby carriers, diaper bags and diapers and baby strollers.

  • Feeding the baby - During the initial few months of the baby, it is very difficult to understand whether the child is getting proper feed or not. The baby can’t tell the mother whether he/she is full or hungry but he/she will give the cues that need to be properly understood by the mother. The newborn is totally dependent on mother’s milk up to 4 months. For 4-8 months the babies show signs of solid uptake. When the baby is 8-10 months old he/she starts moving his/her jaw in a chewing manner and there are the signs that the baby is ready for solid and finger foods. There are different ways for feeding the babies the things which are to be purchased for the baby feeding based on the methods of feeding are breastfeeding pillows, creams, bottles, nipples, bottle brushes, bibs, burp clothes and sanitizers for the bottles. 

With the advancements, the baby products have got a lot of attention and they are emerging according to specific requirements of the baby. From diaper changing mats to baby change baskets and use of cloth diapers to use of disposable diapers, everything has evolved gradually keeping in mind the necessities of the baby. With the proper list of baby essentials, it is easy to keep the little one fit and healthy.

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