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Effective Ways of Maintaining Chemical Laboratory Equipment

>> Jun 3, 2018

Proper maintenance is crucial to the smooth functioning of any chemical lab equipment. Properly stored and clean equipment would be performing much better, fortifying safety, and protecting against all sorts of contamination.  What are supposed to be the best practices for maintaining a clean and perfectly functioning environment in the lab? Essentially contentiousness and diligence would go a long way in proper maintenance of chemical laboratory equipment.
Proper maintenance of all lab equipment is mandatory and given top priority. Any sort of contamination could culminate in stopping the project mid-way or invalidating the lab results completely. Maintenance is usually, a very expensive operating cost but it is of vital importance for the smooth functioning of a laboratory.

Keeping your chemical laboratory equipment in top condition is crucial for deriving accurate, as well as, continuous progression of your projects and experiments. Without proper maintenance, you would end up spending astronomical amounts on last moment costly replacements and unanticipated urgent repairs. All this could have been prevented provided regular maintenance job had been in place.

Here are some effective ways of maintaining chemical lab tools that are used for chemical storage, mixing, and testing.

Cleaning Scrupulously With the Proper Materials

Even though 80 percent of the laboratories in the United States consider paper towels as an important and most frequently used cleaning supplies, you must keep in mind that some cleaning agents may leave behind residues. For instance, paper towels could be depositing microscopic fibers in the vessels and tubes that have been wiped by them. This would adversely impact the purity of chemicals used in future. For chemical laboratories, you must invest in no-remnant cleaning methods using glassware washers, ultrasonic cleaners, and specially customized or designed wiping cloths for research requiring the use of high-purity chemicals.

Regular Calibration of Equipment

Regular calibration of laboratory equipments is critical for chemical applications. In this context, you must appreciate that calibrated equipment would not only make sure that the measurements are accurate but testing is done meticulously, it would also help in boosting safety in the laboratory where hazardous chemicals are very much in use. Most labs would be regarding regular calibration as an integral and critical part of regular lab maintenance policy. Calibration of equipment must be entrusted to a calibration expert once in every three months.

Testing & Record Keeping of Processing Equipment

In chemical laboratories dealing with volatile reactions, it is mandatory to perform regular inspection of all functioning components. Pressure vessels particularly must be labeled individually. Moreover, exceptional records are to be maintained. Hazardous and corrosive reactors would be necessitating more frequent inspections and also, regular recordings.

There are many more ways of effectively maintaining a chemical laboratory. You must understand that there are numerous chemicals that are used in experiments and these chemicals would be dictating how glassware and machinery must be cleaned, handled, maintained, and inspected. Always remember that well-maintained lab equipment would be boosting longevity, efficiency, and productivity. Most importantly, you could get accurate results if the equipment is maintained well and repaired timely. For a safe work environment, you must get in touch with qualified lab maintenance experts for predicting potential safety hazards.

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