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5 Beautiful Destinations to Bulk out Your Bucket List This Winter

>> Oct 18, 2018

Christmas is almost here and, if you don’t want to enjoy a relaxing staycation this year, it’s time to start planning your sweet escape. But with so many amazing places all over the world, choosing a destination can be quite difficult. To help you make a decision faster, here is a list of beautiful destinations to bulk out your bucket list this winter.

Wander Around the City of Literature: Dublin

Whether you are a passionate reader, a love music aficionado or want to indulge in delicious foods, dark beer and strong whiskey, Dublin is a great choice. Though the weather might not be too friendly during the winter months, this charming city offers a warm welcome to all its visitor. Not only are there plenty of things to see and do in Dublin, you also have the chance to get into the spirit of Christmas instantly, thanks to the multitude of Christmas decorations, colorful markets, and cheerful people. Make sure you don’t miss visiting the Little Museum of Dublin, Trinity College, the Guinness Storehouse and JamesonDistillery, as well as eating and partying with the locals and travelers in the famous Temple Bar area.

Explore Gaudi’s Urban Playground: Barcelona

If you are looking for a warmer place to spend your winter holiday, Barcelona can be the perfect destination. Though sunbathing is out of the question, you can leave your furry boots at home, and wear lighter clothes while exploring this Spanish paradise. If you are an art enthusiast, you will instantly fall in love with the city. Admire Gaudi’s SagradaFamilia, Park Guell, Casa Mila, and Casa Batllo, visit the museums of Picasso and Miro, but don’t forget to indulge in the delicious Spanish dishes as well. If time permits, enjoy a day trip to Figueres to admire and understand the surrealist works of Dali.

Offer Yourself an Exotic Treat: Tenerife

If you want an exotic escape, but can’t go too far away from Europe, you can always spend your winter holiday in Tenerife. The beautiful Spanish island is famous for its beauty and mild weather all year round. Pack your bathing suit, and get ready to relax on volcanic beaches, and indulge in delicious seafood and freshly caught fish. And if you want to have a fantastic party, plan your vacation during the Tenerife Carnival, the second in the world, after the one in Rio de Janeiro.

Get into the Christmas Spirit: Lapland

If you’re a big fan of Christmas and you’ve always wanted to meet Santa Claus, it’s time to visit Lapland and scratch this off your bucket list. Visiting Rovaniemi, the official residence of Santa, will not only give you the chance to feel the joy of childhood again, but also enjoy amazing winter activities. Get into the Christmas spirit while exploring Santa’s village, adventure into reindeer rides, snowmobile safaris, husky tours and don’t miss the chance to see the fascinating Northern Lights.

Follow the Steps of Count Dracula:

Dracula might be a fictional character made famous by Bram Stocker, but like all legends, this one is also rooted in reality. If you want to learn how and see where everything started, you can visit the spectacular region of Transylvania in Romania. Pack your warmest clothes and a few pieces of garlic, if you are superstitious, and get ready for a memorable adventure. Visit Dracula’s castle but don’t miss the other citadels and charming villages that make all curious travelers fall in love with this region. Also, prepare yourself for amazing culinary experiences that promise to make your taste buds run completely wild. They might not drink blood in Transylvania, but they do eat raw pork rind.

These are our five beautiful destinations to bulk out your bucket list this winter. All you have to do now is choose which one suits you best and start planning it.

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