Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Decorating Kids’ Rooms and Family Friendly Spaces

>> Oct 16, 2018

Make your home family-friendly without losing its original form

A girl lying on the floor in the middle of a room that is being redecorated.

The way you used to live before you decided to enrich your family with new members is about to change for good. College days are over. Posters, scattered books and empty cups of coffee lingering for days waiting for you to put them in the washing machine are a thing of the past. Now it’s time to get serious. It’s time to adjust the spaces in your home to fit the needs of your children. Decorating kids’ rooms and family friendly spaces without losing too much of their original form is a real challenge.

However, if you approach this job wisely, there is no need to sacrifice the entire way of living you are used to. Pay attention to details:
·         Opt for open design (kitchen – living room)
·         Use well-blended storage units
·         Use several kinds of lighting
·         Invest in durability

Invest in quality furniture
Invest in a large durable sofa that can seat your entire family
An arranged living room with a large sofa in the corner.
Even though your first option may be to go for a cheap couch you won’t cry for when kids ruin its upholstery, it’s actually better to invest in quality.If you are ready to give up a couch as soon as you buy it, why bother buying it at all?

Instead, choose an extra-long sofa covered in durable materials that can seat your whole family and last for a long time. A single quality piece will look great in your living room and serve its purpose at the same time.

Encourage kids to be organized

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids to be organized. As soon as they enroll at a kindergarten, they will learn some basic manners. You can help your kids organize their room by putting shelves, benches and organizers at their height. This way they can store books, toys and family games, take them whenever they want and put them back in the evening. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Your little ones can be fantastic organizers when they want to.

Use integrated storage
Storage space is the most valuable asset of a family-friendly home
Different kinds of empty storage units, shelves and organizers between rooms.

The most important part of your newly adapted home will be the available storage space. Well-blended storage in the form of floor-to-ceiling cabinets can do wonders for your living space. You can use top cabinets to keep your belongings safely stored until you need them again, and lower ones to store the items you need on an everyday basis. Clothes, important papers, medicines, family games – you name it. These cabinets will save your living room from all kinds of clutter.

Use more than one type of lighting per room

In addition to the overall lighting you have in every room of your home, there is a range of lamps and lighting solutions you can install to create a different kind of atmosphere. A lamp with dim light can help create a comfortable sleeping environment in the kids’ bedroom before they go to bed. A reading lamp is very useful for your own needs. When kids go to bed early, you don’t have to worry whether the strong light would wake them up. Instead, turn on your reading lamp and enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet reading your favorite book.

Decals and glow-in-the-dark stickers

Speaking of bedrooms, decals and stickers are a great and cheap way to decorate your kids’ rooms. Glow-in-the-dark stickers will make them love the dark, because they know that magic happens when the lights go out.Decals are easily placed and removed, which makes them cost-effective and easy to handle. Let your kids choose these decorations and they’ll enjoy the duty you task them with. Decorating duties will keep your kids entertained and teach them some new skills.

Create space for play
Leave space for fun and play
A baby sitting on a rug in the middle of a room playing.
It’s best to teach the kids to play in their room for the sake of the overall tidiness of your home. However, it’s good to have a place in your living room where you can play family games and enjoy your time together. Create room for fun and play by leaving an empty stretch of space in the living room where you can sit on the floor and scatter toys without bumping into them all the time.

Opt for open design

Open design concept is a great solution when you have kids. In addition to the feeling of spaciousness, you get a clear view of the living space, which can help you watch the kids while performing your daily chores. Blend the kitchen with the dining room or create a large open space that includes the living room as well. You can enjoy spending time with your family and share everyday chores, which will be beneficial for both you and your kids in the long run.

If you’ve just moved into a new home, take down the walls to get an open design before you bring in your belongings. Everything will be much more difficult afterwards. However, you can achieve the highest level of efficiency by hiring King City experts that can help you move quickly and speed up the process. Your job is to get organized in time.

Invest in different seating arrangements

In addition to one large sofa, you need some cozy seating arrangements your kids can use. There is a wide range of small plush pieces on the market the kids would love. Ottomans, lazy bag chairs and similar lounge pieces covered in soft colorful materials can make your living space both comfortable and kid-friendly. They will certainly want to invite their friends from time to time and it would be best if you had small kid-friendly seating items to offer instead of letting them take over your favorite sofa.

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