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>> Oct 18, 2018

Ever heard of sober living homes but never understood what that term meant? In this article, you'll find some information on the subject.

Some people use drugs and alcohol for various reasons.  At times, overusing these things can lead to addiction, and a can ruin a person's life by sending them down a destructive path.  When this happens, there's an option to turn life all around by turning to sober living homes.
This is where you stay for a while to help clear your life of alcohol and drugs.  The facility helps those who are vulnerable and prone to a history of substance overuse.  It doesn't necessarily mean these homes are for criminals only; they are there to help anyone who needs assistance.

Inside these facilities, there are various rules to abide. One rule, typically is a curfew.  You won't be allowed to stay out whenever you please; you're expected to follow basic guidelines. Another, more obvious rule is no alcohol or drugs, it would counteract the whole point of being in the facility in the first place.  Some people do find it hard to turn their backs on substances, which is why the teams involved, help these people in the first place.   

On occasions, clients may have to have a drugs test to ensure they are keeping clean.  There may be some clients who put up a defensive barrier and may refuse to participate, but when you're in a sober living home, you won't be allowed to be released until you're on the right path in life.

Inside a sober living home, there are options for therapy.  This is where you can talk through your problems and help a healthcare professional understand the situation a bit more.  In turn, this then means the expert can help you discover the causes for the substances overuse and help work out a treatment plan.

When the professionals are happy you're on the right path in life, there are options to start looking for work. This can be a few hours a week volunteering somewhere, or just doing part-time hours nearby.  The idea behind this is to help you integrate back into the community slowly.  It's a bit like a confidence boost, so you feel more needed by everyone.

Another focus in the facility is to help build connections and work on healthy friendships.  As the old saying goes "a problem shared is a problem halved" is so crucial in this case.  Therapy and group meetings are a perfect way to open your eyes to the bigger picture, of addiction.  There are times people do feel isolated when taking excessive amounts of drugs or alcohol, sharing the problems with others does help win the battle.       

Overall, many people find sober living homes a positive experience.  The idea of continuing life without drugs or alcohol may sound scary to someone who is addicted but if you need to make changes to your life, get as much outside help as possible, via sober living homes.   

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