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Places You Should Visit Once You Move to NYC

>> Oct 1, 2018

Once you move to NYC, be sure to visit the places mentioned here!
A panoramic view of NYC cityscape with just some of the places to visit after your relocation
          New York City is definitely one of the most looked into locations when relocating to or within US. Despite being among the priciest cities in the US in terms of living costs, this bustling metropolis is iconic in every way. Known for countless movies and shows filmed at this very location, popularized by many celebrities and the pop culture itself – if The Big Apple is within your monthly expense price range, there shouldn’t be any second thought. Once the needed items are packed in boxes, transportation and insurance has been arranged, take a piece of paper or your smart device to jot down some of the following places you should visit once you move to NYC.

Arriving to New York

          Before making a checklist of locations and landmarks that should be visited once you arrive to NYC, a city found in the similarly named state of New York, a secure and trustworthy moving company needs to be hired for transportation purposes. Moreover, an insurance company can provide an irresistible insurance package option that can cover any unnecessary expenses.

          Finding someone who can help you move with ease is an important factor when relocating; the more so because your items will be secured and better handled during transportation. Naturally – lower prices normally lead to less customer care, so a balance between the two variables should be ideal.
Cardboard boxes stacked together
Pack your belongings in labeled cardboard boxes, stuffed with soft materials like bubble wrap or other cloths between your items
 Nevertheless, make sure you clean your moving inventory and rid it of items that are barely used. Some sample items are those that haven’t been used in the past several months. This way, the excess transportation costs can be cut.

Moreover, not all moving companies are willing to relocate your belongings just anywhere. For instance, some are better suited for long-distance relocations, while others provide better service, albeit sometimes pricier, for shorter distance ones. In this context, if coming to NYC from another state it will be easier both for you and the movers to keep a checklist of a smaller, more crucial number of items than an excessively large one. Interstate relocations are then much less prone to causing personal possession damage or loss of items.

Places To Visit Once You Move to New York City

First and foremost, you need to make sure you know how to get good value homes in NYC. After finally moving in to your new cozy home, be it an apartment or a house, and unpacking your belongings – you will finally be ready to take a look around and breathe some fresh NY air. If you haven’t gotten used to seeing tall skyscrapers made of concrete, steel and glass and walking among huge crowds of people, New York will be a fantastic city for you to experience something new. What you might notice is that a vast number of buildings have gardens on their terraces, so if you’d like to have a mini version of Central Park on your terrace, be sure to check a guide on how to create a terrace garden. If you are not really a people person and can afford a ride, you may even spend some money for a cab to traverse the itinerary faster and easier.

          In this article, we have set aside some of the most famous and iconic places in New York for you to visit and get yourself acquainted with. Since you have already made the decision to move to one of the East Coast capitals, it is high time to put on your tourist shoes and personality and finally set off to grasp the beauties of The Big Apple.

Times Square

                As one of the busiest and most crowded squares in the world, Times Square is just one of the many iconic and most recognizable places not only on the US East Coast, but the whole United States. Just saying its name brings images of huge crowds and sounds of murmurs, cars and billboard commercials to mind instantly.
A crowded Times Square
Times Square is a prime place for “sociophiles”
                 With countless clothing and tech stores and movie theatres, this place is definitely suitable for people who love urban environments, full of pedestrians, billboards and all trendy stuff US has to offer. It can be said that New York isnow what Italy, France and Austria once were - it is a place where music, fashion and popular culture from around the world collide.


Theater District

A ballerina performing her ballet act
Theater houses one of the most recognized performing fine arts
After visiting Times Square, it would be quite natural to stop by the Theater District as well. This part of New York is just a few-minutes’ walk from the Times square itself, as it is near the intersection of7th Ave and Broadway Street. Housing an abundance of live performance and movie theaters, it is quite a sight to see after finishing the Times Square tour.Broadway represents the heart and soul of the American theater and people usually use these two terms synonymously.

Central Park, New York’s Green Area

Central Park with the surrounding neighborhood
Central Park is one of the most popular parks
                 There are countless movies and photos that depict a scene from a location in Central Park – and the chances are high you have already seen plenty of them somewhere. Be it postcards, paintings, photos by famous photographers or simply a moment from your favorite movie. No matter which one – the flora and fauna in this huge park make for one of the most beautiful sceneries you will be able to see within the concrete jungle we call New York. Found just north-east of Times Square, about a 15-minute walk away, be sure to take a stroll among the trees of Central Park in Manhattan if you want to calm your nerves and soul.

Statue Of Liberty – New York’s “Lady in the Harbor”

The Statue of Liberty
Another immediately recognizable landmark of New York
                Barely anyone talks about New York without mentioning thesymbol of this city – the Statue of Liberty. Standing proudly with a torch in her hand, this gigantic statue made of copper depicting Lady Liberty greets all seafarers when entering the city’s harbor. You can even climb to the torch area of the statue to enjoy the metropolis’ charming panorama.


          Unfortunately, if we were to mention and describe all major NYC locations worth visiting in a single itinerary guide, there would be at least 20-50 places. However, out of all the places you should visit once you move to NYC, the ones mentioned above are a must-see.
                To sum up:
1.   Walk in the crowds of Times Square and embrace the surge of cultures
2.   Continue down the Broadwayroadto feel like you’re in a movie
3.   Take a stroll in the greenery of NYC, Central Park, to enjoy some nature and relax
4.   Check out the Statue of Liberty to finish the first day’s itinerary with a breathtaking panorama

Afterwards, feel free to wander around New York at your own leisure to find some additional points of interest – but it may be smart to leave that for another day.

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