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Why Choosing Moissanite Engagement Rings and Bridal Sets

>> Oct 11, 2018

Once you plan to make a step forward in your relationship, there will be things that need to prepare. One in the top list is searching for the right engagement ring for your loved one. Traditionally, real diamond ring is still the best for symbolizing strong commitment and forever love.  But if diamond in decent size beyond your budget, you can turn to well-created and well-designed yet affordable moissanite engagement rings as alternatives of conventional diamond rings.  
affordable moissanite engagement rings

Why opting for moissanite rings? Well, moissanite is the best alternate diamond that you can get at a fraction -mostly 1/10- of the price of the equal natural diamond.  It is the main reason to choose this highly diamond-like gemstone. There are other reasons that you should also know before making purchase decision.  What characteristics of moissanite that make it best diamond alternative?

Moissanite is forever brilliant since its hardness (9.25) is the second to a diamond in hardness of 10.  Other diamond stimulants such as Cubic Zircons are much less strong; the luster of CZ will fade away over times and after long time wearing. Only moissanite which everlastingly sparkling as a diamond do.
moissanite bridal sets

Moissanite is the kind of gem that owns a very high refraction and dispersion.  Actually, the brilliance of moissanite is 18% greater than a diamond. It is a fact that moissanite is more brilliant than diamonds.  That’s why bare eyes can’t differentiate between real diamond and moissanite.  Without a specific tester, it would be very hard to do. Most likely that others will think your loved one’s moissanite ring as diamond. What is more, man-made moissanite is eco-friendly along with free from conflicts and ethical issues.

For couples who love budget-friendly ways, buying moissanite bridal sets  is surely the right buying decision. Each set contains a moissanite engagement ring and a matched wedding ring for the bride. Compared to purchasing two rings one by one in different times, getting a bridal set is a great way to save more. It also keeps the bride away from mismatched rings problem if she wants to wear the rings in the same finger.
forever one moissanite engagement ring
In today’s jewelry market, high quality lab-created moissanite come with wide variety of cuts, carats and sizes -each in best luster, clarity, sparkle and strength.  No wonder more and more people choose moissanite to enjoy the beauty of diamonds at much less cost.

If you need top-notch colorless moissanite for creating a most brilliant engagement ring, make sure that you select certified Forever One moissanite produced by Charles and Colvard that mostly equipped with a Lifetime Warranty. There is no added treatment to get the internal colorless beauty; it means each Forever One moissanite has outstanding luster that lasts forever. The easier way is going online and visiting trusted jewelry stores and makers like BBBGEM that provides awesome forever one moissanite engagement ring collection.  You will find a variety of finest quality moissanite rings that your fiancĂ©e will wear it proudly.

Before starting your own ring search, just take a look first at some moissanite ring designs featured above. Aren’t they sparkling beauties?

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