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Teachergive Sale 2023

How SEO Company Can Help My Local Shop in Melbourne?

>> Oct 19, 2018

You run a small shop that provides a variety of quality baby clothes for almost a year. Unfortunately, in the past few months you notice that the sales tend to decrease. To avoid further loss, you plan to take benefits from local SEO strategy that you’ve ever heard but don’t know what actions that should be done.  Perhaps you are also still in doubt to contact professionals at a SEO company Melbourne or not.

SEO company Melbourne
Well, at first, you should know exactly what local SEO is and how it can help your small business growing. Local SEO is a Search Engine Optimization for location-based search (city, zip code, etc.) that aims to ensure your business founded online at ease by people who search for product or service that you offer within your business area.

For an example, when a person typing ‘baby shop in Melbourne’ at Google search engine, the result on the first page is the local listing of three stores with their business names, addresses and phone numbers. It’s called Google’s local 3-Pack. Local SEO also includes ‘near me’ searches where Google gives the search result based on the current position of a person. A successful Local SEO will take your business being on that spot –the top list of location-based searches. It gives your business bigger chance for increasing sales.

Here are a few related statistics that local business owners should know:
  • 50% of smartphone users come to a store in the same day after performing a local search (Source:Google).
  • 95% of smartphone users have their gadget to conduct local searches. Then followed by actions: 61% called the business and 59% visited the business (Source:Forbes).
  • 70% of mobile users called the business directly from the Google search results (Source:SearchEngineWatch).
The statistics showed that the leads come from location-based searches are qualified leads; those are people in need of your product or service that most likely would become potential customers and buyers in the end. In other words, it is important to make your local business easily found online through local searchers that carried out by mobilephone users.  Local SEO can attract potential customers to discover your business and get more information about the product or service.

Don’t waste time if you don’t know how to do Local SEO yourself. Since your shop located in Melbourne, getting professional help from the reputable SEO company in Melbourne like Akvitek is definitely the right business decision. Good SEO agency provides Local SEO services to support small and medium sized businesses in getting enhanced search engine visibility. They have knowledge and expertise; they know what to do to take your business on the top list of location-based search result –whether you have a business website or not. Due to your business needs and situation, they will create customized plan and strategies to make your business keep profitable and growing.  

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