Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Retro Luxury Fits Many A Home

>> Oct 30, 2018

There’s a reason that another word for classic is “timeless.” What we call retro often describes a style that has stood the test of time, and will continue to be relevant to many interior design philosophies for years to come.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable and impressive artifacts of the retro era is the Chesterfield sofa. This iconic design features deep buttons and quilted upholstery and wouldn’t look out of place at all in a smoke-filled pub from the 1920s, or an agency office in the 60s – and it certainly would still be a perfect fit in a modern home today.
However, these examples are comparatively young in the face of the true age of the Chesterfield motif. Indeed, the original Chesterfield sofa is said to have been commissioned in the 1700s! A design that’s been around for two or three centuries certainly qualifies as timeless, especially if it was once found in the palaces and gentleman’s clubs of old.

Chesterfields are among the heights of comfort and luxury, and if you want the very best out of a vintage sofa like this, you should pick a designer that values quality craftsmanship above all. One such designer is vintage furniture maker Timothy Oulton, whose focus on handcrafting with simple tools, and single-minded devotion to picking the best materials, represents a paragon of craftsmanship that will ensure you get the best Chesterfield that you can have for your home.

Timothy Oulton features an extensive catalog of Chesterfield sofas that run the gamut of iconic, vintage style.

There’s the magnificent Westminster Button Jack’dNBrok’n, distressed with wooden and serrated tools to provide authentic-looking age, before being emblazoned with a dramatic Union Jack that dominates the design.

Another is the Westminster Feather Sofa, a luxurious take on the already-luxurious Chesterfield design, peppered with feather-filled cushions and comfortable fabrics. This one takes on a more vintage feel, with faded and degraded velvet options that truly provide the appearance of having stood the very literal test of time. Throw it into the set of a period drama and you’re not going to be seeing any complaints.

Timothy Oulton’s Chesterfieldsare a great pick for the fussy furniture seeker who wants comfort and compliance with interior design all at once. Consider them for any home, and any design, and they’ll fit the bill.

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