Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Blouses designs: A little old is new this time!

>> Oct 31, 2018

Sometimes using new doesn’t always feel new. It is not necessary that buying new could give you the refreshing feeling or can calm you. Sometimes using old is about feeling new. And that is what we are talking about. We take you back to 2016 blouse designs, which at that time were popular and trending, though still they are, but with the always coming new trends, they get somewhere off road without getting noticed by this new fashion generation. This time fashion generation is not about buying costly or high-ends things. It is more about becoming comfortable rather than getting into what people say or fashion says. Today’s generation is more about listening their own voice first rather than doing what others are saying them to do. They feel comfortable wearing old designs or becoming different and unique in their own way. So for you women, or ladies around the world who love to wear a little bit old designs of blouses, here are those blouse designs what we are talking about. Because sometimes using old is about feeling new! Don’t worry not so old. 

Cap sleeve with scalloped edges

A cap cut you love to wear, totally refreshing new look with various patterns designs. It is the perfect sleeve length you can wear, not too short and not too lengthy. So what you say? 

Cape Blouse

It is though a western style. You must have seen it on many Hollywood celebrities flaunting it. But this time it is in an Indian way. We are talking about cape blouses, which look nice on lehenga and sharara. It gives feel of dupatta like but not like real dupatta. 

Short jacket blouses

Too much skin show is not for every girl. Not everyone likes it. So this short jacket blouses are perfect for those who don’t want to show their skin, and especially for professional women, a perfect choice it is. So women go for jacket blouses. 

Blouses with sheer ribbed sleeves

If you want to give clues about you but not much detail, but you want somebody must seek you, then this type of blouse designs rightly suit you, which are sheer and ribbed too. And yeah, you definitely feel confident in them. 

Irregular cut blouses

As we said above, wearing old is about new. So this time it is not about all regular patterns and designs. It is about something irregular designs and cuts that you will interestingly like them in irregular cut blouses. Best suited for any occasion you want to go into. Then why you wasting your time waiting! 

Fringe blouses

Fringe blouse designs are roar, trending. It is mixture of both Indian and western style. So it is traditional and modern too. 

Sleeve within a sleeve blouses

These blouses are like flowers with flowers, leaves with leaves. It feels from outside that you wore two but it is actually one. It is a combination of sheer blouse with cape sleeve, a little bit looking like cape actually, a normal cape.

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