Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Collectible Dolls Gift Ideas for Upcoming Holiday Season

>> Oct 24, 2018

Giving gifts on special moments like approaching year-end holiday season already becomes a long lasting tradition in many families. Are you also one of those who follow the tradition and now in a search of unique and impressive gifts for your loved ones? Why don’t you think about giving extraordinary gifts this year?  The dolls from the Ashton Drake Dolls collection at Ashton-Drake Galleries Online would be a perfect gift idea as they are not typical dolls but exclusive collectible hand-painted dolls that offer finest level of originality, loveliness and adorable value.
 4th Annual Photo Contest Winner: Ava Elise Doll By Ping Lau-Price:$139.99 US

So Truly Mine Play Doll: Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes -Price:$99.99 US

You will be amazed with the wide variety of collectible dolls that you can find at Ashton-Drake Galleries. Each item is created with matchless details, quality and expertise. Their lifelike So Truly Real Dolls collection that similar to reborn baby dolls are top notch. They would be perfect gifts for your loved ones who are doll collectors.These realistic works of art are not toys, they are adult collectible that worth to keep and love. On the other side, due to their supple RealTouch vinyl skin, perfect size and lifelike features, these beautiful baby dolls can offer the ‘cradle therapy’ that gives peaceful, quiet and comfortable feeling to everyone who cradling them. Even your elderly parents and relatives will love them as well.

For little girls aged 3 years and up, there are the most lifelike play dolls So Truly Mine® Baby Doll with the features that almost the same as their adult collectible dolls. They are specially designed and created in proper size and structure for little girls. These toy baby dolls are poseable and weighted to give the real feeling when the girl cradling the doll. It is a kind of gift that makes your little girl surprised and amazed.
Amy Ferreira "Darling Daisy" Lifelike Poseable Monkey Doll -Price:$69.99 US
Not only baby dolls, there are many other dolls to choose. Toddler and child dolls, African American dolls, monkey dolls, sport themed dolls, Disney dolls, bride, fantasy and portrait dolls and other more. Equipped with fine doll clothing and accessories, most doll collection are suitable for aged 14 years and up. I love one of their Disney doll collection: Babies of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Super cute! Monkey dolls in different expressions are so adorable. Baby dolls in favorite football team costumes are perfect gifts for big fans of the football team. You can be overwhelmed with so many choices. What is more, every purchase will be guaranteed up to 365 days long and free return shipping.

I’m sure that you will end up with buying some collectible dolls. Thus it is the right time to use Ashton Drake Coupons to save more. Coupon websites are always helpful for shopping in cost effective way. Shopping earlier and taking benefits from any promotion deal would be great to do if you prefer to budget-friendly ways. Take a look at the images of dolls featured above, aren’t they touching your heart?

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