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What Does Christmas Mean to You?

>> Oct 5, 2018

The festive season is looming and the excitement will soon be building. Christmas is a magical time, it brings together families and for one whole day there seems to be an atmosphere of love, peace and fun. Here at we Gund we adore the festive season. Christmas with Gund means a Christmas that’s jam packed with wonderful themed gifts that are sure to delight and enchant those lucky enough to receive them. Here at Gund we believe that:

C is for Children

Christmas is a special time for all of us, but for many children it’s wonderous and fills them with so much excitement they feel as though they might just burst! The early morning question of “Has he been yet?” Echoes around homes all over the world as sleepy parents resign themselves to a very early start to the day (which always works out well as the turkey needs to go in the oven and there are 300 spuds to peel before lunch)!

H is for Happiness

What’s Christmas without tons of happiness? The two go hand in hand. Excited children, an air of expectation, thoughtful gifts, peace and love in the air and an opportunity to share it all with your nearest and dearest.

R is for Rudolph (the Red Nosed Reindeer)

We love Rudolph, the eager to please reindeer who used his glowing nose to light the way for Santa and his fellow reindeer. Good for you Rudolph, no-ones laughing at your big red conk, now are they? The story is one of hope, inspiration and holiday spirit but the author of the tale Robert May almost went with a different name for the hero of the tale. Robert wanted a name beginning with “R” and toyed with Reginald, Roland and even Romeo as potential names for the lead character. Imagine Romeo the Red Nosed Reindeer? No neither can we! You can get your very own reindeer from Gund, our Aspen Reindeer doesn’t have a red nose, but he does have a very fetching red scarf!

I is for Ice and Snow

We don’t always get a white Christmas, but if it does snow it adds a certain something special to an already magical day. There’s something about waking up to pristine white gardens and roofs capped with a sprinkling of snow. Snowmen can be built (and come alive in our imagination), snowballs can be thrown and it’s fun to see if Santa and his reindeer have left any footprints nearby. How about getting your own cute polar bear or an adorable Husky? Not the real things of course, you don’t just buy a dog because it’s Christmas and we don’t advocate keeping a wild bear in your garden! You can however, get a soft and cuddly Cozys polar bear and a Cozys husky from Gund.

S is for Santa Claus

Also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, St. Nick, Kris Kringle, and Pelznickel. Santa is an integral part of the festive season. He has a huge job on his hands with all of those gifts to deliver, and how he stays on top of it all is beyond us, but somehow, he pulls it off year after year!

T is for Turkey

All around the globe harried chefs ring their hands and cross their fingers as they wait in earnest to see how the centrepiece of the meal comes out. Overcook it and you will have a dry bird on your hands, undercook it and you will have sick guests! Christmas can be stressful as well as exciting!

M is for Merriment

Eat, drink and be merry, it is Christmas after all. Save the diet until January.

A is for A Baby in a Manger

With twinkling fairy lights and shiny gift wrap it’s easy to forget where it all began, with a tiny baby being born in a lowly-cattle shed. Mary gave birth to the son of Christ with Joseph by her side and a whole host of animals looking on. The King of Kings had arrived and to this day we celebrate his birth by rejoicing on Christmas day.


S is for Silent Night

A beautiful Christmas Carol composed in the town Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria, in 1818. It is loved by many and became known as the carol that heralded the unofficial ceasefire between warring German and British troops on Christmas day in 1914. Proving even a bloody battle could not dent and destroy Christmas spirit.

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