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5 Challenging couple problems that a professional psychologist can help

>> Oct 30, 2018

Couples no longer need to face their problems alone. A professional psychologist can help with more couple problems than you might think as they are trained to identify and mediate issues that arise within any relationship.

As more and more couples face breakups and divorce each year over small spats, couples often forget they there are trained professionals ready and willing to help with their problems within their relationship. A psychologist's opinion provides an outside look into your relationship that is unbiased and wanting to help one another for the better.

Here are five challenging problems that couples face that a professional psychologist can most certainly help mediate.
1. Financial Infidelity
Money is a touchy subject for just about anyone. Many people avoid it or try not to talk about it. In a relationship, financial infidelity occurs more often than you might think, and it can take a significant toll on a relationship over a long period.

Financial infidelity is the act of making major financial decisions without the knowledge or consent of their significant other. This type of cheating does not have to always coincide with adultery, yet it does occur in some cases.

An obvious example of financial infidelity is when one partner spends the couple's shared income on another person whom they are in a relationship with whether that is buying lavish gifts or spending money on hotel rooms.

An act of financial infidelity that is not as spoken about would be one partner taking out credit cards and wrecking them up. On the opposite spectrum, one person might have secret savings accounts that the other partner uncovers and it ends up causing a dispute due to the other partner feeling as though they cover most of the couple's living expenses.

When someone uncovers financial betrayal, it can destroy a marriage; however, psychologists can help partners discuss their feelings with one another in an open and honest space.

Maggie Baker, Ph.D., who is a psychologist with a specialty in financial therapy states that there are many types of financial infidelities and the partner committing the act might not even notice that they are doing it. This issue is more than just the act of saving or spending money which is why a psychologist can help navigate the situation and come to a solution.

2. Adultery
Cheating can result in breaking up or staying together. If a couple chooses to stay together, they need to take a step towards understanding one another and moving past what has occurred.

In the heat of the moment, it might not be easy to discuss intimate details with your partner about an act of infidelity, or you might not be sure how to have that sort of conversation. Therapy and counseling provide safe spaces where both partners have a chance to talk and take the time to hear each other's needs in a setting other than their own home.

Marriage counselling is a great way to start a conversation with your partner that you might be uncomfortable talking about at first. A psychologist can help guide you towards gaining better communication skills so that you and your partner can communicate effectively outside of sessions on other topics as well.

3. Intimacy
Fear of intimacy can create serious tension within a relationship. A person afraid of intimacy may have a hard time getting to the next stage in a relationship despite how much they care about their significant other. Seeking the help of a professional can help this individual figure out why they are afraid of intimacy and how they can overcome those feelings so that they can move forward in their relationship.

An example of this would be a couple how has dated for a few years and would like to move in with one another; however, one partner does not want to get rid of their apartment. While some people may think this is a sign of independence, it is more of a fear of intimacy. The partner who would like to hold on to their apartment might have deep-rooted reservations about intimate relationships, yet does not know how to overcome those feelings. It causes them to have one foot out the door, so they can bolt if it doesn't work out.

As a couple, it might feel impossible to figure out where to go from here; however, a trained professional can uncover why one or both partners feel this way and how to take steps towards no longer fearing intimacy.

4. Everyday Arguments
Some couples seem as though they are always fighting with each other. They rarely agree, and their fights typically are reoccurring matters such as taking out the garbage or other household chores.

The two individuals in this type of relationship might want to stop fighting; however, they are unaware of how to effectively communicate their concerns with one another. Specific arguments may come up every week or month due to one partner feeling as though the issue remains unresolved.

Counseling provides couples the chance to get everything out in the option. Speaking with a psychologist might help couples come to terms with why they are unable to reach a solution.

For some couples, arguments are less about the topic they are talking about and more about underlying factors. During counseling sessions, everything is out on the table which allows couples to determine what issues are hurting their relationship.

5. Setting Boundaries
Many couples face difficulty regarding setting boundaries with in-laws and even one another.

A couple may have an in-law that is constantly overstepping where their opinion isn't needing; however, it can be hard for one person to bring up as they may fear to upset their significant other. The person whose family member it is might feel attacked or unable to see the lines that their family member crosses.

Regarding little boundaries, a person in a relationship might not know how to express that they need space. A psychologist can help each person see the other's point of view and figure out the right way to set boundaries in different scenarios.

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