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Moving with a toddler

>> Oct 26, 2018

Moving with a toddler does not have to turn into a drama
A baby boy wearing a stylish hat that covers his eyes.
You bought a beautiful home, perfect to raise a family. After long months of search, you finally found what you were looking for and you’re truly excited about the move. However, there comes a scary part – moving with a toddler. Your life is about to change for the better, but your little one just doesn’t get it.

Expect to hear some of the following: “What are you doing with my stuff? Where are you taking them? I don’t want a new house, I want my old house!” And God forbid you start packing toys into a box while your toddler is around. There’s a good chance that the moving process will turn into a real nightmare. But you can avoid the worst-case scenario if you react in time. With a few tricks and good organization, moving with a toddler can run smoothly and stress free.

Talk to your little one

You may think it has no real effect to talk to a toddler in a reasonable and adult manner, but they actually understand much more than we believe. You can help your kids adjust to a new home if you start preparing them in time. Explain to them that your new home is as beautiful as the old one. Tell them they can choose their room and decorate it from scratch. The fact that they are leaving doesn’t mean that they’ll lose any of their beloved toys or household items they are fond of. They may not respond in a reasonable manner, but some of your words will produce an effect eventually.

Stick to your usual routine as much as you can

Babies and toddlers are used to their everyday routine. Having their meals, nap time and play time at usual hours of the day makes them feel secure. As hard as it may be, you need to stick to your usual schedule as much as you can on the day of the move and the days preceding the move. Enlist your family members and available friends to help you out. Your toddler will feel far less agitated if the certainty of his/her daily routine is not disrupted by the move.

Make your little one CEO of his/her own room

If you involve your toddler in decision-making, it will make them feel important and grownup. Let them pick their own bedroom and allow them to choose its color. Hopefully, the choice won’t fall on magenta. Anyhow, having influence on the looks of their future room will affect toddlers’ perception of the move. Instead of being agitated and scared of the unfamiliar surroundings, the change can make them feel excited. All you have to do is adapt your wishes on how to decorate your kid’s room for the demands of your new CEO. 

Take care of safety
There are dangerous items in your kitchen that shouldn’t be lying around in open boxes
Forks, a spoon and a knife on a wooden table.

Moving with a toddler demands you pay more attention to the safety of your home than usual. You have already installed child proof sockets, removed dangerous products from children’s reach, but now you have to turn everything upside down. A day with children is not fun at all when you have a number of dangerous items lying around in open boxes on the floor. There are items you need to pay attention to, no matter how distracted you may be:

·         Cleaning products and medicines
·         Razors, knives and other potentially dangerous kitchenware
·         Heavy boxes that can fall from height
·         Electrical appliances

Pack the nursery last and unpack first

When the job of packing your entire household is ahead of you, you don’t know where to start. However, at least you do know where not to start. Your kid’s room should be the last on your packing list. Toddlers are emotionally attached to their toys, blankets and other stuff they use every day. Don’t take them away until the very last moment. The opposite goes for the unpacking. Unpack their belongings as soon as they are off the truck.

Pack a practical essentials bag
A bag with baby essentials needs to be with you at all times
Gummy ducks, a diaper, baby bottle and pacifier.

After you turn your home upside down, it will be difficult to find your toddler’s daily essentials. The day of the move will be far less stressful if you have everything you need for child care within your reach. A practical bag containing sippy cups, diapers, medicines, emergency clothes and baby hygiene products will save your life. You should have the essentials bag with you at all times.

Keep your toddler away while packing
Keep your toddlers away from home while you’re packing up their room
Portrait of a little girl carrying a small bag.

As we already mentioned, you can witness a real drama if you start packing toys in front of your little one. No amount of reassuring will help you get out of it harm free. The wisest thing to do is to keep him/her away from home while you are packing. Try to organize the packing day by inviting someone to help you out – a friend, family member or a professional babysitter. It will save your time and nerves and your child will be as pleased as if nothing was going on.

Do yourself a favor, hire professional assistance

Household moving is already stressful as it is, and moving with a toddler can make it truly unbearable. Do yourself a favor and find professional assistance for your move. Professionals will speed up the move, organize packing and transport, and relieve you of physical work. Therefore, you will have more time and energy to spend on your little ones and their well-being. And the whole idea of moving is probably inspired by their well-being. With the right team of people to help you out, moving with a toddler doesn’t have to be scary at all.

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