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Top 8 Barcelona Sightseeing Tours

>> Oct 3, 2018

Barcelona is the centre of Spain - the vivacious and buzzing city is everything a vacationer dreams of. Individuals, the language, the meals, the culture - everything and everyone in Barcelona are packed with passion and enthusiasm. As a traveller you'll be enthralled by the initial and quirky architecture of Gaudí’s creations from Sagrada Familia to Area Guell. Perfect for single travellers, people and friends, Barcelona has something to offer for everyone.

Whether you’re a first time visitor or someone who has already seen the highlights and wants to dive deeper into the heart of the Catalan capital – all tours cover everything from Sagrada Familia, Arc de Triomf and the Olympic Village to Las Ramblas and the lesser known parts of the city center.

Barcelona City Travel bus tour makes both options possible and convenient. There are a few hitches in the service - bus stops aren't always clear, sometimes the commentary can be difficult to hear and hanging around times between buses varies. However, overall we liked the travel of the location upon this service. It offers a fairly easy way to start to see the city, at a elevation that allows travellers to take in their area easily and covers a comprehensive path of Barcelona - with no planning involved.

Where to Purchase Tickets

You could securely purchase your tickets for the Barcelona City Tour tourist bus in advance of your trip utilizing the link given below. All you have to to do is print the voucher you'll be sent via email. After you arrive simply bring the print out voucher with you on the day with some ID such as a passport and you could then board the bus with this. You don't have to stress about carrying around the right change.

It's important that you bring the printed voucher. You won't be allowed to enter if you show the drivers your mobile device with the purchase. Visit tripindicator.com for more Barcelona City tours packages and deals.
Top 8 Barcelona Sightseeing Tours

1) Fast Track Guided Tour Of The Sagrada Familia

The history behind the Sagrada Familia is just as fascinating as the building itself. Together with your fast monitor access, get ready to find little-known facts and amazing stories on a fully-guided tour of the basilica. Barcelona is recognized as the administrative centre of Modernism and where the famous architect Antoni Gaudí worked and lived. Gaudi, one of the biggest innovators of his time, left out numerous treasures in Barcelona for the discerning tourist to discover.

The Sagrada Familia is one of the most visited buildings in the world. Discover this superb modernist building in the guided travel inside the basilica.

• Enjoy fast keep track of access and save important time
• Uncover the history behind Gaudi's labor of love and find out what inspired him
• Tour the inside and exterior with a specialized guide who'll leave no natural stone unturned
• Save time on the day with a pre-booked ticket (with specific option)

2) Sagrada Familia VIP Tower Access Guided Tour

Gaudi’s magnificent La Sagrada Familia is the undisputed symbol of Barcelona. Enhance your connection with this architectural icon throughout a 1.5-hour tour of the cathedral with access the towers. Alongside your guide, you’’ appreciate the finer details of the UNESCO-listed landmark’s interior and find out about the enthusiasm and engineering of La Sagrada Familia. Finish the travel ascending to the top of 1 of the towers, a unique experience offering panoramic views of Barcelona’s cityscape and coast.

• Explore one of the world’s most iconic monuments with an expert guide
• Enjoy access to one of the towers and see Gaudi´s work behind the scenes
• Find out about Gaudi’s symbolism and the Christian iconography

3) Barcelona: Casa Batlló Ticket And Video/Audio Guide
Admire the décor of Gaudí’s Casa Batlló on Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona with an entry ticket and training video guide. See one of the jewels of the Modernisme architecture activity, including the mezzanine and main staircase.Miss the line and explore Casa Batlló, Antoni Gaudi's architectural masterpiece, with a video guide. Find out about Gaudi's life and artistic visions as you shop around the Modernist building, one of the most eye-catching in Barcelona.

• Enter the unusual world of Gaudí’s Casa Batlló
• Find out about one of the jewels of the Modernisme architecture movement
• See organic and natural and allegorical details in stone, wood and glass
• Access the mezzanine level and start to see the mythical chimneys of the roof terrace
• Marvel at the utilization of light and color in the entry hall, and the primary staircase
• Enter the fantasy world of Gaudí at the former home of the Batlló family

4) Fast Track Guided Tour Sagrada Familia with Towers

The wonder of Sagrada Familia: admire its abundant interior and go up the towers to take pleasure from an astonishing panoramic view of Barcelona.
Sagrada Familia is a distinctive work for its high and decorated towers and its geometrical form, a loved masterpiece by its tourists.

• The spectacular columns of Sagrada Familia’s inside remind of trees that split their branches into the vault.
• The stained glass windows permit the sunlight to shine inside the temple, light that induce magic and vivid colour-scheme.
• The towers offer an astonishing views of Barcelona from the top of this Gaudí’s masterpiece.
• Skip the long lines to the most iconic building in Barcelona
• Learn about the construction of the still unfinished Sagrada Familia
• Take the elevator the tower for panoramic views of Barcelona
• Study the interior design of the Sagrada Familia basilica in close detail

5) Palau De La Música Guided Tour

Explore an icon of Barcelona’s Modernist architecture over a 45-minute guided tour of the Palau de la Música Catalana, with usage of areas of the iconic building normally off limits to the general public. Admire refined architectural details, and more.

Among Barcelona’s most impressive architectural feats and renowned because of its spectacularly ornate interiors, the Palau de la Música Catalana is one of the city’s most popular concert halls. Built-in 1908 by Catalan skill nouveau architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, the place hosts a variety of traditional Catalan folk music performances. 

• Enjoy a led tour of one of Barcelona’s most emblematic buildings on an exclusive 45-minute led travel of the Modernist Palau de la Música Catalana.
• Explore an icon of Barcelona’s Modernist movement
• Get exclusive usage of regions of the Palau de la Musica usually off limits
• Marvel at the fantastic skylight up close
• Admire the floral decorations of the grand staircase
• Embark on a musical journey to the accompaniment of the Palau's organ

6) Picasso Museum Experience
Have a deep dive into Pablo Picasso's life in Barcelona throughout a 2-hour walking travel visiting the favourite haunts of the celebrated artist. Become a member of your guide on an exploration of this Spanish master's Barcelona gathering areas, following the route of his hangouts, schooling and evolution as a painter from 1895 through 1905. Have a look at Picasso's art university, the café where he interacted with other artists and other key locations in the young creator's life. Finish your excursion with a skip-the-line entrance to the Picasso Museum, permitting you to stay away from the lines and have a guided travel of the top-notch collection.
• 2-hour Pablo Picasso-themed walking travel of Barcelona, led by an expert local guide
See the places important to Picasso when he resided in Barcelona in the later part of the 19th and early on 20th century
• View locations such as the Llotja Mar, the artwork university where he studied, and Els Quatre Gats, the café he frequented Explore the atmospheric La Ribera quarter, where he previously a studio room before moving to Paris
• Enjoy skip-the-line access to the Picasso Museum, home to over 4,000 of Picasso’s artworks Admire the highlights as your guide
• Explains the paintings and Picasso’s techniques
• Learn about Picasso’s early on life and individuals and events that influenced his art

7) Girona, Figueres And Dali Museum Day Tour
This full-day Catalunya Bus Tour goes over a journey from Barcelona to Girona and Figueres , the two 2 most representative cities of northern Catalunya. You’ll explore Girona's medieval monuments on a walking travel and go through the exciting world of Dalí's surrealism as well.The town of Girona was founded by the Romans. In its Old Town you’ll see a few of the finest historical architecture in Spain. The top attractions in Girona include its medieval walls, Romanesque and Gothic monuments, baroque spaces, and 1 of the best-preserved Jewish Quarters in European countries.Figueres, also located in the north of Catalunya, is closely linked historically with Salvador Dalí. The Teatre-Museu Dalí is the very best fascination in Figueres, but metropolis also features other interesting museums as well, like the Museu del Joguet and the Empordà Museum.

• Discover Girona's medieval monuments on a walking travel of the city
• Go through the fascinating world of Dalí's surrealism
• Receive an informative guide with detailed information about Dalí, Figueres, and Girona
• Enjoy free time in Girona for lunch break (own expense) and to explore Figueres independently
• Full-day visit to Girona and Figueres from Barcelona Stroll around Girona’s medieval Old Town and well-preserved Jewish Quarter on the guided tour
• See top attractions such Girona's Cathedral and pastel-hued houses huddled over the Onyar River Go to the charming town of Figueres, birthplace of cult Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí and Explore Figueres’ Dalí Theatre-Museum, home to a massive assortment of Dalí paintings, sculptures and other works

8) Gaudi's La Pedrera At Night Tour

Miss the lines to 1 of Barcelona’s most iconic structures and watch an incredible audiovisual display on the top terrace. Get a brief benefits to Gaudi’s revolutionary building on the Passeig de Gracia, and discover multiple projections in the stairwells.See multiple projections in the badalots (stairwells) as you work your way to the roof terrace, combined with exclusive light projections and a experience soundtrack. Then, watch the amazing video recording mapping finale on the top terrace, and enjoy panoramic views of the Catalan capital along the way.Experience a spectacular evening show at one of Barcelona’s most iconic buildings on a 2-hour semi-guided travel of La Pedrera (Casa Milà).

• Discover the treasures of Gaudi's iconic Casa Milà
• Watch a unique audiovisual show on the rooftop of La Pedrera (Casa Milà)
• Sip one glass of cava to toast the end of your tour
• See light and acoustics projections in the stairwells
• Enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona's L'Eixample

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