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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Decorate a Kid's Room

>> Oct 19, 2018

Often, a kid’s room is the only space in the house that’s their own. It acts as their playroom, bedroom, and, occasionally, their art studio. Therefore, it’s important that you give them a space that’s as unique to them as it is fun and comfortable. To help you perfect the space, we’ve added five tips to remember when designing your own child’s room.

Framed graphics
Add some fun to the walls without cluttering the space with loud posters. A trio of subdued tan or pastel graphics in basic frames can add a warmth to the room without breaking the bank. There are a lot of DIY projects to check out in order to decorate for free. Alternatively, put your child’s own artwork on display, framing their most recent masterpiece. This can add a personal flair and show your child that you support their work.
Comfortable, stylish bed
Most kids don’t get enough sleep, but it’s still a crucial factor in their growth and development. Their bed should be the star of the show in their room. Outfit it with a mattress that they can snuggle into it, and a pillow or two that will help them fall asleep at bedtime. Top it with a patterned comforter to add a pop of color and personality to the room. Consider adding a solid-colored throw across a bottom corner of the bed to add another layer and complimentary color to the room.

Stylish storage
Make sure your child knows that everything has its place by gifting them some fun storage bins. Patterned bins or weaved baskets that complement the room’s color palette will add a little fun into putting toys away and keep their room organized. Depending on the amount of space in the room, consider putting the storage bins under the bed, or buying a shelf to fit them vertically.

Beautiful bookcase
Make reading a priority by giving your child their own personal library. Invest in a sturdy wooden or white bookcase to fill with treasured stories and a few cute or clever bookends. If your child is really interested in books, a reading nook next to the bookcase might be a good idea. A white teepee or hung sheet with a few cushions can create a fun spot that’s all theirs. Give them a flashlight and some stuffed animals and allow them to make the space their own.

Geometric rug
Depending on their age or interests, a geometric rug can add a pop of color to a room and make it seem much bigger than it is. Polka dots, diamonds, stripes, or shapes all make great rug designs for kids. Just make sure it complements the furniture or fits in with the color scheme without exactly matching it. A rug can draw a lot of attention so it’s important that it adds to the room’s overall look instead of overpowering it.

While these are all stylish aspects to a child’s room, the most important thing you can do is personalize their bedroom to their own interests. Cater these suggestions to make the best room possible for your own kids.

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