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Make Your Bedroom a Comfortable Sleeping Environment and Enjoy Better Sleep

>> Oct 6, 2018

Detailed sleep studies and accessible information has been increasing as people are becoming more aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep. Due to this, many people are making sleep a priority with a strong understanding as to why one must exert effort to have a bedtime routine, a comfortable place to sleep in and relax.
There are many ways to have better sleep than what most people usually have and you may believe it or not but it is just the little things that are sometimes taken for granted that makes a huge difference from our day to day life. Want to know what are those things that could make you have a great sleeping environment? Then here is your ultimate guide for a comfortable sleeping environment to enjoy better sleep.


Have you noticed that whenever your room feels so warm you feel restless and can’t even get a blink? Well, it is because that hot, cold, and draughty room may seriously impact your sleep. In the evening, your body heat rises and then drops to its lowest level when you sleep so a cool 16-18°C is the ideal bedroom temperature for a comfortable sleep.

Temperatures over 24°C on the other hand, is likely to cause restlessness while a very cold room of 12°C will make it difficult to drop off. However, it still depends on the individual on what bedroom temperature is most likely one is comfortable with. In some instances, young children and elderly people may need a slightly warmer environment.

You may want to invest in a room thermometer to keep track of temperatures and some worth purchasing beddings or look for some best mattresses online that would suit to your liking for more warmness which are suitable on different seasons.


Our body has its own body clock which would tell our body’s system that it is time to sleep. However, how will your body know when it is time to sleep if you are exposed to lighting? Sunlight, artificial lighting and darkness determine your circadian rhythm which is why you should know that these affect your sleep.

When we are exposed to light, our bodies assume it’s time to wake up. On the other hand, darkness releases melatonin which relaxes the body and helps us to drift off. This is why one should be careful of your bedroom’s lighting to avoid sleep disturbances. The biggest taboo in your pursuit of quality sleep is having electronic gadgets by your side since LED displays glow with blue light, which suppresses melatonin even more.


The one that plays a major role for a good night’s rest is what you sleep on— your bed. Your bed is the most significant element in a good quality of sleep that it would be a mission impossible to get a deep and effective sleep on an uncomfortable bed. The mattresses that lack comfort, space, and support will leave you to feel restless and tired when you wake up in the morning.

Everyone has different preferences which are why different types of beds suit different people. What your friend or neighbor recommends you may not always be good for you that is why you should know your bed preference and what functions of bed do you need. By researching best mattresses online, you could save time and effort on going rounds around your local stores for information on different kinds of bed.


Bedrooms are considered a sanctuary—it is a place for peace, relaxation, and rest. Unfortunately, many people make it an extension of living rooms which makes one vulnerable to electronic distractions that would make it difficult to sleep due to its blue light and may make you consider sleeping late at night. In fact, it should be completely banned since beeps, buzzes can disrupt with the body’s circadian rhythm.

Another disturbance would be noise; loud sudden or repetitive noises can interrupt sleep. If you can’t do anything as to where the noise comes from, you can do countermeasure such as wearing foam earplugs or double glazing your window. Additionally, sleep, soft and steady sound white noises help you fall asleep.


There are many factors that make you vulnerable to sleep deprivation. In our modern-day society filled with technological distractions with a fast-paced living, let us not forget the importance of sleep in our lives. Make healthy sleep your priority by having a friendly sleeping environment to help you have a full and effective rest to function best for every day living.

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