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Teachergive Sale 2023

Preparing for Senior Photos

>> Oct 11, 2018

Senior year is the last year in a high school student’s journey before heading off to college, starting a new career, and taking a step towards their future. From studying for tests to team practices, their journey through high school has been been one of the biggest accomplishments of their lives. Senior pictures are a great way to memorialize this final stretch of high school.

Accomplishments, growth, and change are all large themes of high school. Senior photos give the opportunity to reflect on those themes as students move on to other chapters in their lives. As you begin thinking of ideas for senior photos, you might start wondering, what attire would be best or how much input should your senior have on their photo options?

Talk with your senior about what ideas they have so that you can really encompass their vision! They may have an idea that you haven’t thought of or there might be a specific style of photos they would like. This is their senior year and commemorating it unique to them is extremely important! Discuss possible options and come to an agreement on what you both think is best!

When it comes to senior photos, there are three different factors to keep in mind - attire, location, and season. All three of these work together to make sure your senior’s photos are stunning! Here are a few ideas and suggestions for putting together the “picture-perfect” senior photos!


It’s important to think of multiple outfit ideas when choosing attire. . Start with an outfit that is casual and think of a few ideas that could be more formal. A favorite t-shirt, relaxed button down, patterned sundress or a nice pair of jeans are perfect for senior photos! For a look that is more formal, try a dress or rent a suit that fits you best! If your student plays sports or is part of an extracurricular activity, this is the perfect opportunity to get portraits of them in their uniform or attire. Make sure you pack multiple outfit options and show your photographer so they have an idea of what will look best.


Location possibilities for senior photos are endless. From scenic views like, country fields and rustic woods to football fields and school bleachers, the location of your senior photos add a personal touch. Before you choose a location, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Is the location of the senior photos practical? Think about if your photographer will be able to get the shots you are looking for. Another detail to keep in mind is the lighting of the location. Direct sunlight isn’t ideal for a great picture, so make sure there is plenty of shade outdoors, as well as a variety of indoor  lighting. Finally, make sure you will be able to get many different shots at the location you’ve chosen. Scenery, traffic, and accessibility all have an effect on senior photos.


Choosing the right season for your photos is extremely important. For some seniors, they love the look of a winter wonderland and wait for a snowfall to get their photos. Other seniors love the warm and bright appearance of summer and fall. Make sure the attire you choose for your photos match the season and look natural.

When it comes to taking senior photos, it’s best to keep things simple. Senior photos are a great opportunity to recognize how far your student has come and the accomplishments they have made!

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