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8 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Cotton

>> Oct 25, 2018

From clothes to reusable printed eco bags, cotton is a product that is used around the world for a variety of purposes. Multiple industries depend heavily on these fluffy tufts of plant product. However, there is very little thought that one gives to the budding glory of the cotton plant. Here are some interesting facts about cotton that can be fun conversation starters.

Cotton is Way Old

Cotton has been growing in the wild but around 7000 years in the past people started using it for various purposes. In Mexico, archaeologists have cotton bolls in caves that date back to 5500 BCE. In the Indian subcontinent, cotton has been discovered dating back to 6000 BCE. So, cotton has been around for a long time.

Where Did It Get Its Name From?

The word Cotton comes from the Arabic word Qutn which means Fancy. Traders who spoke Arabic sold cotton, that was cultivated in the Indus Valley, to western countries. Since these traders called the material Qutn, western countries adopted the name, and slowly it changed to become Cotton.

Which Countries Grow Cotton?

Cotton is no longer only grown in isolated parts of the world. The plant can be grown in warm countries. Most of the world’s cotton comes from:
        The U.S.
There are other countries where cotton is grown, but these are the top cotton-producing countries.

Which is the Best Cotton?

There are different species of cotton, but the best cotton species is Gossypium Barbadense. The species of cotton produces long fibers which can be woven into a fine thread which in turn is used to make high-quality fabric. The cotton that comes from this species of plant is commonly called Egyptian Cotton, but it does not always come from Egypt.

Cotton is not Pristine White

While we associate cotton to white sheets of cloth and fluffy white bolls, cotton is not pristine white. Cotton is naturally off-white in color. There are many naturally colorful cotton that is grown as well. After chemical treatment, we get the pristine white color of cotton.

Cotton Makes Most Clothing

No matter what clothes you like to wear, it is hard not to have cotton blended into it. Velvet, corduroy, flannel, terry cloth, denim, canvas and poplin, all are made from cotton fibers woven in different ways.

Cotton is Everywhere

Clothes are not all that cotton is used to make. From reusable printed eco bags to diapers, cotton is everywhere. The ease with which cotton can be dyed and the renewability of the crop makes it an eco-friendly choice. Instead of using plastic many shops used reusable printed eco bags made of cotton since they are biodegradable, reusable and renewable.

A Cotton Bale is a Big Deal

Cotton might seem like a light and fluffy material, but when they are pressed into bales to transport, they do weight a lot. A cotton bale weighs 227 Kg or 500 pounds. It can be used to produce hundreds of reusable printed eco bags.
Do not take cotton for granted; it has played a key role in creating superpowers around the world.

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