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Go Minimalist with Home Decor This Diwali

>> Oct 26, 2018

Just a few days to go for the biggest festival of the country! Before Diwali celebrations kick-starts, your apartment should be at its best look. It is time to enjoy moments with your family, friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbours.  And, if you have recently bought an apartment near your office in Salt Lake sector 5 then frequent post-work parties will be a common affair. Keep it decked up for all such occasions in a minimalist yet mesmerizing way. Just stick to simple textures, clean walls and beautiful decor to give a shape to the minimalist design.
Usually, there are people who don’t have a clear concept of minimalist decor. This doesn’t essentially mean something related to boring, dull or plain decor. Those of you who prefer simplicity and unfussiness look always go for minimalist decor, which means clutter-free and organized environment.  

Here below are the things you must consider to get the minimalist decor:

Keep it Simple

Professionals say that blending decor, simple textures, clean and white walls can make any minimalist designed space inviting and large. This is entirely a straight line concept that helps in making things simple. In order to balance this approach, use rich natural tones of shades like brown, pristine white, caramel tan and beige. Such tones will add warmth to your room.

De-clutter Your Rooms

A cluttered home means a cluttered mind, thus, leading to mounting stress levels. It is important to keep your apartment clean if you are looking forward to a minimalist home decor. Daily diligence can actually help in keeping your home clutter-free. Do you know how to stick to minimalist design? It is very simple. All you need to get rid of extra furniture and focus on clutter-free living. Make sure, you do not over-do with anything that can spoil the look of your apartment as a whole.

Bring Sleek Furniture

Invest in a few but high-quality pieces of artifacts, furnishings and furniture. Never blame it on the space. You have to adjust as per the area available in your rooms. Try and avoid unnecessary furniture pieces and focus only on the sleek ones to save space.  

Choose Quality over the Quantity

Remember one thing that fewer decor items will always make your apartment look organised, clutter-free and attractive. So, consider each of the items in your rooms carefully. Choose only those items which are necessary, important and built-to-last and above-all endures daily use.  

Check on the Neutral Tones

It is said that neutral tones if not properly used can make your rooms look bland. So, know the tricks that would balance everything. Use beaded pillows, knitted throws and last but not the least velvet decor to match with the neutral tones because it is said that such tones make the environment wintry. Avoid mixing up too many materials, surfaces, textures and colours or else it would spoil the minimalist look.

Maintain the Balance and Proportion

Choosing the colours and furniture isn’t enough unless you are aware of the balance and proportion. Make sure your choice of colours, furniture and upholstery has a proper balance because disturbed room always symbolizes clutter. Also, keep in mind the furniture you choose are right in size and colour. Each of the furniture sizes should be in accord with one another, not too small or not too big.

Summary: This Diwali how are you planning to enjoy the moments with your family and friends? Of course, designing your house will be your first priority. In this case, you need to take care of the home decor of your apartment. We would ask you to stick to minimalist home decor like this. Read the post to know more.

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