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Double Glazed Windows Guide- Everything You Need to Know

>> Oct 4, 2018

The ultimate solution to your window doubts!
Windows are a huge part of our everyday lives. No matter how silly that might sound, it’s true! Windows are responsible for humidity production and unwanted heat entering your home, thus inviting UV rays as well. So, don’t you agree it’s important that you have the right kind of windows. If you’re here, you’ve either probably heard of double-glazed windows before or are probably thinking of sugar-glazed donuts. Either way, we’ve broken down some points in order to help you understand the concept of these windows better.

1. The What
First, let’s find out what these double-glazed windows actually are. This window is created when an Isolated glass unit or an IGU combines several glass panes into one single system. Although most of the IGUs are double glazed, more and more layers are coming up and becoming common. An air gap is left of at least 12mm and is sealed, keeping a sort of layer between the exterior and interior glass panes. Trapping air adds to the reduction of heat loss and heat gain in your home. These windows can be really useful as compared to other regular windows and we shall find out more about them further on.

2. The Comparison
If you’re not convinced, let us look at what differentiated regular glazed windows from double glazed ones. If it isn’t obvious enough, regular windows are single glazed which means that it uses only a single pane of glass. How efficient do you think a single pane of glass is? Yes, not that much. A regular window pane doesn’t do much for your home and that includes not providing enough insulation that you might require. Like we said earlier, double glazed windows are better as they have multiple panes instead of one that doesn’t provide much.

3. The Advantages
Like we said earlier, double glazed windows allow more room for insulation. Also, if you’re prone to using or having air conditioners or humidifiers, these windows are a must to have in your home. Not to forget how energy friendly this can be as it efficiently helps you use less than usual. Actually having energy efficient windows and doors in general are really useful.  Double glazed windows allow more room for peace and quiet as it saves you from any unwanted outdoor noise. It doesn’t really need a lot of maintenance and can last you a long time. Lastly, if you’re planning to sell your home, or if you come across such a situation in the future, these windows add value.

4. The Disadvantages
Everything has its downsides and it is no surprise that double glazed windows unfortunately do as well. During the summer months where you live, you might face a problem of too much heat being stored due to your windows. Summers can be harsh (depending on location) and double glazed windows tend to store more heat during this time of the year. What does that mean? You might have to go an extra mile in solving this problem which might increase your installation costs to an extent. We recommend using UV coatings or window films in order to do your best in keeping as much heat out as possible.

5. The How
It is important to note that the best double-glazed window application depends on how they were installed and the climate where you live. These windows are really effective especially in colder conditions or when you use air conditioning in your home. Although it is best to install double glazed windows when newly building or remodeling a home, it can be done at any time preferred. We do not recommend installing by yourself though as it is a specific process and should be handled by a professional only.

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