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Teachergive Sale 2023

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Quartz Worktop

>> Oct 8, 2018

After looking at the best options for a worktop, you might decide to use a quartz worktop. It is expensive, but given how it looks like, you might want to buy one now.
Image: Pixabay.com
Quartz undergoes a manufacturing process, so you can expect the final product to look amazing. Although it is not natural like other stones, it still seems great. You even have more choices regarding colours. Marble and granite are other options for worktops, but since they are naturally occurring stones, the colour range is quite limited.

Characteristics of granite

Regarding durability, quartz is as durable as granite and concrete. It does not chip easily, and you can expect to use it for a long time. You might not feel like it is as hard as the other types of stones, but it is still tough. It is even a good idea that it does not have the same toughness level as it makes it more comfortable to work on.

Quartz is non-porous too. It means that it does not absorb liquids quickly. It can easily withstand liquids like wine, tomato juice, coffee, and others. Stains don't penetrate deep down, making them easy to remove. You only need a wet cloth to remove the stains.

Furthermore, with the absence of stains and liquids, expect no bacteria to grow. They thrive in a wet environment which is not entirely possible with quarts, as long as you clean the surface after using it.

When buying a worktop, consider its looks and how it matches your kitchen. Take a look at the size and make sure that it fits your kitchen well. Don’t buy one that stretches from one end of the kitchen to another as you will find it difficult to move around the kitchen.

A few reminders

Perhaps, the biggest downside of this choice is the price. You can ask for estimates before buying one, but expect it to be quite expensive. Before you write the worktop off due to the cost, remember that other stones are also around the same price. Unless you settle for low-quality worktops, expect the amount to be in the same range.

Another potential downside is the changes in the look over the years. Since it is artificial, expect some noticeable changes on the surface with constant use. The changes are more visible than in granite and other natural stones. It should not discourage you though since your worktop will still be in excellent shape. Its function will also remain the same. The tough worktop that you bought at first will be of the same quality even after many years.

Finally, you need to be careful when using something hot on the surface of quartz since it is not as heat-resistant as naturally occurring stones. The heat could alter its looks.

Nevertheless, buying this type of worktop is a good idea and worth your money. Check out the best quartz worktop London retailers offer first and decide if it would look great in your kitchen space.

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