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Tips to Ensure You Pick the Right Lawyer For Your Case

>> Oct 24, 2018

Hiring the best lawyer possible is the most important strategic decision that can make your case. There are a vast number of lawyers out there, so it can be extremely challenging when trying to find a lawyer you feel will do an excellent job on your case. Keep in mind that not all lawyers are created equally, and it would be unwise to go with any lawyer to represent you. Read on to find out the tips will need to ensure you select the right lawyer for you.

1.     Find a Lawyer That Practice in the Area of Law You Need

The first step you need to take when you want a lawyer is to narrow your search by the practice area. Many people think that most lawyers know at least something about every area of the law, but this is rarely the case. It is rare that a lawyer practicing public liability law claims (like helping make your case when you fall and slip in public places) will know enough about sexual harassment law to competently prosecute a lawsuit.

Most lawyers are specialists. Lawyers’ websites are the right place to know their areas of expertise. Contact only lawyers that specialize in the appropriate area of law.

2.     Find a Lawyer That is Responsive and Thorough

Most lawyers offer an initial consultation free of charge. Take advantage of this and use the meeting to determine whether the lawyer is detail oriented and will be responsive to all your needs. One of the major complaints that clients have against their lawyers is that the lawyer did not communicate. Be sure to ask the lawyer if it’s alright to call him or her to discuss any concerns you may have. If the lawyer hesitates at the idea, it may be a sign that you will have issue relaying your thoughts and getting answers to your questions.

To determine whether the lawyer will be a good fit, you should also ask if you will be given updates on your case by phone or writing. You should also ask if the lawyer will be the main point of contact or will you have to deal with the paralegal. There is nothing worse than having a lawyer who won’t hear your concerns or respond to your inquiries.

3.     The Lawyer’s Experience Level

While it is significant to have a lawyer that you can trust, it is equally vital that he or she has the experience in the area for which you require the service. A lawyer credential is more to find a lawyer that has experience with the lawyer’s law degree or where they attended law school. You should select a lawyer because he or she gets results. When meeting with a lawyer about your case, you should ask about their wins and losses.

You can find out whether the lawyer has real experience in a court or merely pushes paper. Luckily, you can typically find this information on a law firm’s website. You should also try and research beyond what the lawyer will tell you. Check out the lawyer’s experience and qualification in the area of law that is most significant to your claim. You may start by asking around for references and read the reviews from current and previous clients online.

4.     Consider the Size of the Law Firm

There are benefits to hiring a lawyer from a small law firm. And in most cases, you receive prompt and personalized attention. Plus, the lawyer will probably have a considerable amount of time to dedicate to your case. On the other hand, this may not be the situation at a large firm, where the lawyers must often handle numerous cases and may have several responsibilities that could draw the required attention away from your case.

However, the large firm also has many of its benefits. After all, most opposing lawyers and judges respect large law firms for their reputation on the cases they have won and ability to influence a case. They also basically have unlimited resources regarding workforce and money to research your caseand create a strategy to win your case. In short, you should weigh your cases and the benefits of having a small or big large firm try your case.

5.     Your Budget

Finding the right lawyer for you means getting one whose services you can afford. Lawyers’ rate and prices can vary drastically; it usually depends on the lawyer experience level, size of the firm, type of law involved in your case, as well as other essential factors.

You should inquire about the costs at the start of the first meeting. You should also try to obtain an estimate of what it will cost you in writing. Then again, ask the lawyer how much you will be charged and how he or she will bill you – either flat, hourly rate, or on a contingency basis.

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