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How to Measure, Install and Maintain Window Blinds

>> Oct 29, 2018

Window blinds are perfect for homes as they are easy to clean, compact, affordable and easy to install. You will find them in various materials, and if you choose the right style, you can ensure that they will be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

When you are searching for roller blinds, you will discover three primary types of materials—block-out, sunscreen and thermal. Every option has its benefits when it comes to insulation, control over light and privacy. If you are ready to purchase your home, read through this post to learn some tips on measuring, installing and maintaining window blinds.

Measuring your Windows for Roller Blinds

Before you order your blinds, it is essential that you measure your windows accurately. The first thing you need to do is decide whether you want your blinds to stay within the window recess or outside of the window recess. There is a slight difference in the process of measuring the two, but both of them will look great.

First Option: Recess Fitting

If you want your blinds to fit inside the window recess, follow these measurement steps:
1.   The first thing you need to do is measure the full height and width of the recess (across the top, the middle and the bottom). Remember to take the narrowest measurement.
2.   Perform the same process when measuring the drop, covering the right, the middle and the left side. Make sure you take the shortest measurement of the drop.


Second Option: Exact Fitting

The following steps will allow you to measure your windows for blinds that go outside the recess:
1.   Look for the widest and deepest point of the window recess. You can do this by following the measurement steps from the first option.
2.   Identify the area where the blind will overlap, then measure it. Ensure that there is at least 10cm of overlap on each side and at the top.
3.   Consider if there are any obstacles that the blinds may touch.


How to Maintain Roller Blinds

Many homeowners prefer roller blinds because they require minimal maintenance. Compared to curtains and drapes, they are much easier to care for. The reason behind this is, the materials of roller blinds have qualities and finishes that protect them from things like discolouration or dust. However, to ensure that you will not damage your blinds when you clean them, you must know the proper way of maintaining them.

In most cases, when your roller blinds start to collect dust, you do not wash them. All you need to do is take your vacuum cleaner and get rid of the dirt. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe the dust off. We also do not suggest washing the blinds if the mechanism or the fabric gets dirty. Doing so will only make the problem worse. You can use a sponge or a damp cloth to wipe the mechanism or the fabric gently. Make sure you avoid scrubbing too vigorously because you might end up damaging the material. After cleaning, you can lower the blinds and let them air dry.

How to Maintain Standard Blinds

The great thing about standard blinds is that they are easier to maintain than roller blinds. Usually, they do not gather dust. However, when they do, you can easily remove the dirt, using a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. If you have aluminium or wooden horizontal blinds, you can clean them by using a wet cloth or a tool mainly designed to complete the job. On the other hand, if you have fabric blinds, you must exclusively use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth.

How to Maintain Vertical Blinds

Remember to use a soft, damp cloth when cleaning vertical blinds. You should also refrain from using abrasive cleaners as they may cause colour fading or scratches. Moreover, keep in mind that the blinds’ vertical veins are delicate. As such, you might damage them quickly. You should handle them gently when you clean them. In between deep cleans, you can use a lint roller to get rid of dust.

Another trick you can use for maintaining your blinds is using a dry-cleaning sheet or a fabric-softening sheet. You can wipe them onto the blinds after you have cleaned and dried them. Doing so will help repel dust. Consequently, you can lessen the frequency of cleaning them. What’s more, using fabric softening sheets can add a clean, fresh scent to your home.

As you can see, measuring and installing window blinds are relatively simple. However, if you are not comfortable doing these on your own, we recommend asking for professional help. Expert installers should be able to measure your windows accurately and even provide you with tips on choosing the ideal blinds for your home. This way, you will have window blinds that you can be proud of.

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