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Common Misconceptions About Dry Cleaning and the Truth Behind Them

>> Oct 19, 2018

You usually clean your clothes through regular laundry. You wet the clothes, use detergents, and wait until the washing machine finishes the process. You might also hand wash the clothes if you want to be careful, but it takes a lot of time.

Another process for cleaning clothes that does not involve water is dry cleaning. You can still use a washing machine where the clothes will tumble until they become clean. However, there is no water in the process. Instead, you use cleaning solvents which help remove grease and stains. If you are yet to try it out, you might have some misconceptions about it that need clarification.

Cleaning agents can cause cancer

If you read reports that dry cleaning agents cause cancer, this is inaccurate. The chemicals used are as potent as any other chemical used for laundry. If you have been cleaning your clothes using detergents and bleach for years, and nothing happened, why would you expect something different from using dry cleaning agents? As long as the chemicals used have approval from the government, there is nothing to worry about.

It takes time to finish the laundry

In comparison, dry cleaning is a lot faster. You don't need to dry the clothes since the process does not involve water. You don't even need to hang them outside to dry or use a drier to entirely remove the water. If you decide to straighten the clothes, you can steam them which is more comfortable than pressing. The reason why it takes time to finish is that dry cleaning companies want to make sure that the clothes are without stains before returning them to you.

Dry cleaning is expensive

The price depends on the dry cleaning company you chose. There is no universal standard regarding the rate, so there is no truth to the idea that this service is generally expensive. Choose the right company and compare the options well before deciding.

The process might damage the clothes

Wet laundry is worse for fabrics than dry cleaning. Several people prefer this method and are willing to pay more because they know it is safe for sensitive fabrics. Dry cleaning works best for expensive clothing as the staff handle them carefully. Besides, most companies have a damage and repair policy. If they damage the clothes during washing, they might find the exact replacement or pay you the full value of the clothes.

Find the right dry cleaner

Now that you understand the benefits of dry cleaning and its effectiveness in removing stains, you need to give it a try. There are a lot of dry cleaning companies that can provide what you want. If you reside in Chelsea, you can find the best dry cleaners Chelsea offers by comparing their prices and services. Read reviews and stick with the company that can offer the best services.

You may extend your partnership with a company you like and sign a contract so that they can regularly pick your clothes up for cleaning.
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