Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

When Carpet in Your Child’s Room Needs Carpet Repair

>> Oct 25, 2018

As parents you want to provide your child with the best comfort that you can afford. When renovating the floor of your child’s playroom, your main concern is  the floor must be warm and soft. That’s why you decided to install a wall-to-wall carpet flooring to create a safe, fun, comfortable and warm playground. Younger child is prone to fall so the carpet functions as the accident barrier as well.
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Your child has dust allergy issue. Carpet that made out of natural fiber like wool carpet is not suitable for allergic children since wool can be a perfect place for allergens (mould and pollen) to gather and build up. Your choices of materials are between synthetic fiber and blended fiber. Both are safe for children with asthma and allergies symptoms. The second fiber is the innovative material that consists of natural and synthetic fiber. Nylon and polyester carpets are the most popular options for child’s rooms while Triexta carpet –one of the latest innovations- is the ideal choice.

For your child’s playroom, you chose a cut piled carpet that made out of nylon fiber. Compared to loop pile, carpet with the cut pile type offers much softer surface that perfect for young children to play, sit and crawl on it. This type of carpet really provides softness and comfort that your child loves. Cut piled carpets prone to the  tracking issue but it is seldom happens in child’s room that has less foot traffic. 

Today’s synthetic or blended carpets are already much developed with the finest soil, moisture and stain resistance; thus you will not face difficulties in cleaning the carpet. So, it seems that the carpet issue that you still see is a great deal of fluff, the loose fiber that comes out of the carpet and collects on the surface. The manufacturer said that the shedding is a normal process for new carpets that created from staple yarns and mostly happens only for the first few weeks after the installation. But you can’t wait that long as you think those tiny fiber are annoying and you worry if your child’s health affected.

If you read the Do-It-Yourself guide to stop loosing fiber from the carpet; there are some actions that you must do including regular carpet raking, regular gentle vacuuming and carpet trimming. The question is, can you do all those without causing further damage? I believe that it is not a simple process at all. What is more, how long will it take till you get the desired result?

In my opinion, once you see lots of fluff on the carpet surface; don’t waste your time because it is the time when you need carpet repair Melbourne  that serves your area to handle the shedding issue. Whether it is still a usual thing or not, consulting the issue to the experts is always a better way to do. The certified and trained carpet technicians will care for the shedding part and make sure that the loose yarn will not happen again. With their know how and right tools, they repair your carpet by fixing any loose fiber that occurs in the carpet weaves. This complicated work definitely not for untrained people. Next thing you know, the carpet is in good condition again. Your child will be happy to play in his room again and you have no worries anymore.   

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