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Finding a Divorce Lawyer

>> Oct 18, 2018

If you are seeking or about to go through a divorce, there are a few tips you need to take into account when choosing a divorce lawyer.  This process can be much more difficult that one would at first believe, the reason being is that you need to find a divorce lawyer that is going to be sensitive to both your emotional needs as well as your financial situation. Here are some strategies to keep in mind as you search for the right lawyer for you. 
Have Realistic Expectations
The primary purpose for hiring a divorce attorney is for aid in dissolving acquired marital assets and finding an amicable resolution to child custody/support or alimony support issues.  The job of the attorney you hire is to get you through this process as quickly and fairly as possible for all parties involved.  Attorneys work according to billable hours, and it would be a waste of your money if you are spending a lot of time discussing your emotions regarding the divorce instead of allowing your attorney to get down to the legalities of it all. 

Focus on the Big Picture
You need to get through the whole process of divorce with as little impact to your current lifestyle as possible. When negotiating over material items, try not to allow your emotions to make snap judgments for you.  By arguing over these material items, you are costing yourself more money by making the attorney work longer hours.  Keep what is important as your primary focus; you want to get the entire divorce process over and completed as quickly as possible so you can go on with your life. 

Know What You Want
Is a divorce lawyer really necessary?  Unless there are a lot of financial issues or children involved, many divorces can be settled outside the litigation process and can be completed with a mediator.  You can get your divorce faster and for a lot less money through the mediation process, and in such cases, you do not need to hire a divorce attorney at all.  Of course, there are circumstances in which a divorce attorney will be needed, such as when making legal negotiations with and actually coming to a settlement with your spouse. However, if there are no real complex issues, mediation is an option for you to think about. 

Find at Least Three Potential Attorneys
When you are seeking a divorce lawyer, do not hire the very first one you call.  You should make a list of at least three potential attorneys to interview.  When you are in need of a divorce attorney, you need to ensure that the one your hire is going to be experienced in the field of family law that your divorce falls under. 

Just like when you are looking for a job, you need to interview potential attorneys that fit the mold for your family law case.  Inquire with each attorney about their specialty and how much expertise they have.  You will also need to discuss what they typically charge for a divorce from start to finish and if they are going to require a retainer fee. 

You are also going to want to pick up on any “red flags” or potential warnings.  You do not want an attorney that brags about their high-stakes cases they have won in the past.  If they are quick to talk about other cases, they may also talk about yours.  You want to ensure they abide by all rules and ethics in the legal field. 

Even with the best lawyer, divorce is no simple or easy matter. However, by taking the steps listed above, you can help ensure that you get through the process with as few issues as possible.

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