Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Vastu Guidelines to Stay Positive in Your Apartment

>> Oct 10, 2018

You might be in love with the plushest house from the lot, but you might not be in your correct frame of mind to get pleasure from that luxury. To be precise, it is the societal stresses and pressures that have literally forced every single person to compromise with their peace of mind and happiness. So, to stay out of such anxieties especially when you are at home, welcome Vastu- the popular Indian science of architecture to your home today. Experts say that cleansing your body and mind with simple remedies of Vastu can help in leading a happy life.

Here are the Vastu tips for your ready reference:

  • In order to draw positive energy, try to place Swastika or Aunkar in the North-Eastern zone of your house. It is the best therapy to treat people who, suffer from extreme tiredness, mood swings, lethargy and other severe health issues. Following this remedy will improve both your connectivity with worldwide awareness and your own self, thereby, broadening your perspective of life.  
  • Try and avoid certain things from the North-Eastern portion of your apartment.  They are shades of pink & red colours, old newspapers and dustbin and last but not the least your kitchen location. As proven by the documented researches, these objects create negative thinking.
  • Bedroom and dustbin in the East or South East direction must be avoided as it hampers the healthy state of mind and positive thinking at the same time. So, it is recommended to place your dustbins in the South or South West direction in order to improve the ability to set free.
  • Do not place your bedroom in the West or North Western direction of your home. Also, make sure you are not in that zone for a long time, or else, you will experience negative things like blocked emotions, feel compelled to shout out all your negativity, start having grudges and regrets and so on. All these would affect your contacts and relations as a whole.
  • Make sure you keep all your rooms clutter-free to draw positive energy.
  • Based on the Vastu concepts choose the model of your apartment accordingly. Needless to say, that, the remedies will help in eliminating all toxins, thus, helping you in staying healthy.  
  • Above everything, whatever you do and whichever remedy you follow, ensure that to make a house a home always radiate the right form of energy. As per some traditional beliefs, each home has its own individual energy field. A person dwelling in an apartment always comes under the influence of a definite energy field, which in turn controls the person in one or the other way.

Buying of a house isn’t enough unless you are aware of the ways to enhance positive chi (energy). This is where Vastu Shastra will help you improve your living. So, this time when you are investing in a house, say, a smart apartment near Topsia Kolkata, ensure that you follow these above-mentioned tips.

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